EPIC MOMENTS FOOTAGE thread(magnificent Lazarus save to get us started)


I’d really like to see some moments people considered epic/unbelievable or just a plain show-off of skill.

So, if you have 'em,post 'em people! (YOUR)Short clips you think are made of epicz!

By short I mean less than 4 minutes(but around 1-2 would be ideal)


I finally had some free time to watch my Big Alpha footage and I just HAD to share this epic moment!
It was the last day of the extended alpha on PC,I was playing with some decent people I grouped up on through steam chat(problems with playing in party and all that).
We were playing against a pretty good monster player and in general had a few very exciting matches(unfortunately I have only maybe 3 games with them since I ran out of HDD space on the last day), but this moment was simply insane.

Ace(dude playing Lazarus) was the best of the bunch I grouped with(he’s very good overall from what I saw) - the other two were his friends who just started playing. I was playing Hank and all I saw was fire & death until it was to late, but that’s the reason Laz exists in the game! ^^

I recommend watching,it’s less than a minute and I’m sure you’ll all appreciate how good that save was.

Without further ado- Epic Lazarus save:

(available in 1080p)


It’s called “JUST IN TIME”… nice. :ok_hand:


That’s the play I like. I managed to pull off only a couple games as Laz, but I had one of these cool moments too. Revived a Support just in time for both of us to get knocked back by a Leap Smash, then BOTH cloak away and save the trapper from a nearby plant.

But, as per usual, something went wrong and the video didn’t record properly. :cry:


Nice. I think the support and Laz could’ve finished with a win, but that definitely sealed the game


So freaking clutch x)
PS:Mother of god, that flamethrower did a ton of damage so quickly!


Support was dead too, so if Laz didn’t have his cloak we’d probably lose,even with the monster so low on health. I was amazed because you can’t even see when & how he resurrects me. The moment I get knocked back by the monster you can see Laz in a pretty safe distance away from it and also notice how he must have resurrected me right under Goliaths nose.

@Essen yeah,I believe I was packing the damage perk as well, hence a ton of damage in no time :smile:

Anyway,first portion of the threads title is to attract some people but I’d really like to see some moments people considered epic/unbelievable or just a plain show-off of skill. @MaddCow maybe you have something? I only saw your 98th game, but that was some nice communication & teamwork so I expect you had your share!

@MaddCow no worries mate,there’s plenty of time ( :frowning: :cry: :crying_cat_face:) until the game comes out and we’ll have the beta as well! As for editing…have you ever tried windows movie maker? It’s pretty useful when doing simple stuff like cutting or adding in sounds/music.

I’m just a little tired of full-time gameplay videos,since not only I’ve seen a million of them by now I also saw and edited my own and I can’t look at those even.

ED:moved some text to the first post.


I will see if I can get around to finding some clutch moments in my footage. I’ve got my milestone video I would like to finish before New Years, but I think I might be able to find something. I know that I was working on a music video with my footage, but stopped after about 1.5 minutes worth of timing because my current video editor was lacking sorely when it came to piecing edits with the beats of a song. The new editor I got was expensive and TOTALLY foreign to me so I tried playing with it to get used to the UI and gave up after a couple hours of monkeying around with it.


That monster got way too cocky for its own good.


Went back and realized I was looking at Daisy lol


Here’s one more short I just made, describing and showing the glory of one small thing many first-time Krakens forget to do(my first game ever as Kraken and the realization came at the last moment) - any of you guys had the same epiphany?


Your epiphany came at the last minute lol


No kidding.I was desperate to get that nomad buff and run,when they took my armor down I thought it was over,then after using my skills it finally came to me :stuck_out_tongue:
To my defense I was high on marijuana(no,I’m not a pothead,I have chronic[lol,chronic] aches,pains and asthma) for most of the time I played, so I was a little tardy.

@YouGotBrained that’s what I’m talking about! Perfect timing and nice jukes there :smile_cat:
@YouGotBrained that hunch moment made me laugh and facepalm. Although I do respect him for trying.
Second was just pure Daisy’d :smiley:


I don’t think I even saw them, I’m still embarassed when I think of one of my last games during the beta,where I didn’t know you could rez downed players with no penalty,I thought you could only LITERALLY resurrect,so they had to die in order to use the device-hence I have an entire game where I help people up as Lazarus xD

If this thread gets too many posts to look the content up fast & easy(which I hope for-time to dig out your pearls and let them shine!) I’m gonna collect the video urls and post them in the first post.


Here is a video of me buying time for the drop ship to bring my team back. I joined mid match and it was just me and daisy :stuck_out_tongue:


Here is 1 more video of us finding and killing 2 different monsters trying for the early sneak. We kill 2 monsters in about four minutes total XD
Sorry about the crappy video quality :frowning:


I found a couple of videos in my streams that I will post on here when I get off work and edit them. One of which is our first encounter against Kraken all 4 of us got downed in our first engagement and Daisy revived one of us, who revived the second of us. (The other 2 perished) We ended up winning that round to :slight_smile:

Edit: Upon rewatching my older videos, I hated how I didn’t realize I could rez dead players with the large blue indicators above their heads. I even knew before the Big Alpha you could do this and for some reason I never connected the dots. Terrible terrible day.


You should make a new post for you replies in the future. I didn’t see the 2nd update in your comment because the forums assumed i already saw it so it didn’t notify me :frowning:

Thanks for checking out the videos too :smile:


Sorry about that, I try to keep threads tidy so messages from two people don’t fly back and forth. Guess 2 “@” at the same person in one post count as one :blush: good to know!

To stay on topic:

Beta is nearing people! It’s easy to record & forget and then upload slightly edited content for hyped people to watch!
As exciting many of these matches are, they aren’t THAT exciting form the viewers perspective(seriously,who wants to listen to Markov grunting for 5 minutes as he chases his pray?), but they do have these moments that send adrenaline pumping no matter if you’re playing or just watching.

Record such moments and post them here, so we can all share in the excitement, praise your skill or be astonished by someones dumb luck, without having to wait for it for 20 minutes!


Holy crap. You have crazy spotting skills-- I’ve done the same to SEVERAL hunters and none of them seemed to spot me even though they -ran- into me. Not with -that- specific bush, but normally I make sure the vegetation covers -all- of my body, unlike this guy.


Thanks, I have also had people hiding right next to me and the only reason i stick around looking for them is because i can hear them sniffing… Even if you are covered you should limit the sniffs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Monster gets rekt by my orbital barrage at 04:20: