Epic Moment Turned Bug?


So i ran into an issue while playing a game in pubs.
I’ve asked around… Noone is too sure if its a bug or a gameplay feature.
It occurred this morning, however it requires a little bit of a backstory of the match…

So because Pub games are pub games, and i rocked them (with rock throw) an earlier game at stage 2. I decided to stage 1 rock throw and spring to ability cooldown buff from the start.
This was a huge mistake. 3 of the hunters had changed out without me noticing (netflix can be the worst distraction at times XD)
Which resulted in my getting my Cocky Keester Kicked during the first dome. This brought me down to about 25% hp where i remained the rest of the match up to stage 3.
At stage 3, there were a few engages and i got a 2 strikes on the assault, medic, and 1 strike on the trapper. (nothing on cabot… he’s a slippery bastard :stuck_out_tongue: )

After having a hard time locating the health regen perk, i gave up on it and decided to do small engages. long distance rocks and what not… Unfortunately for me, the map was refueling tower and the hunters had stationed outside of the power relay.
They could guard it from range and I would have to fight in a harpoon and Mine infested zone in order to take it down (not ideal).
After a few fights here and there, the clock eventually stopped at 1:45.
I pulled out and went East, alas There was a gift from the gods. Health Regen…
Took that baby and got some armour. A few more small engages later (and alot of health regen from the 10% i started with when i got to stage 3), i was up to around 30% hp and ready to go Balls deep.

Jumped into the fray, immediately sniping the assault with leapsmash, into rockthrow, stamina traversal into level 3 charge. Assault down. I look at the clock, its stopped at 1 second ( i kid you not). Medic reveals herself attempting to save the slain assault. Immediately charge then rockthrow. Dead medic (2 strikes… remember…).

This leaves me with Cabot the prick, Maggie, and ofcourse… Daisy… Cabot runs to a corner to hopefully get the clock to run, and same with maggie. I step on a mine (to keep the clock stopped), and hit the power relay. Cabot snipes from the distance pulling me away (keeping the game timer stopped, but i’m unable to damage power relay… which kinda sucks… that i cant rock throw it or anything,…)

As soon as i leave for the cabot murder. He cloaks and runs. Leaving me with the choice of risk timer or going back to the relay.
I go back to the relay and step on another mine along the route.
this happens twice more.

Eventually on my return route to the relay, maggie shows herself. I chase down Maggie, destroying harpoons and killing Daisy (she was delcious… Definitely more satisfying than other trap-jaws).
50s left on respawn for Assault and Medic, i still had a decent amount of armour and health regen.
Rock throw hits on Maggie, I leap smash and miss (just barely) and i swing and swing at maggie, taking down slivers of her health at a time, Maggie is running for her life, unable to return fire.
46s left of respawn for assault and Medic.

Chasing her around a rock, down to 10% health she goes.


Which results in the most frustrating experience of my life…

Is it a bug that if the monster is attacking hunters, the clock will run? is there a max duration for the clock to be stopped? Like WTF???
It is also worthwhile to mention, that which chassing maggie… i was getting harpooned…

Match doesnt show up in my Match history on Hunters Quest yet… so i cant see anything there… Or save it… (Monster Blue Balls).

Alas… a very memorable experience… but still…
Can anyone clarify if this is supposed to happen? or what occurred?