Epic Laz Bob Kill


A must watch video for all. It’s rather long and boring until 3/4 of the way through so a speed up would be perfect :slight_smile:

@blankman6 @SledgePainter @MaddCow

Edit: idk why the sound is off ahh >.< my favorite part is the end :3


The monster player had three bots on the opposition and couldn’t pull out the win…
Glad you had fun but I would not describe that match as a ‘must watch for all’.


yeah… i lost precious 3 minutes of my live… well back to clicker heroes.


Haters gonna hate, I guess. :confused: @blesticles was grouped with randoms, & the monster was clearly body camping. To pull that together for a win was pretty epic considering they went without mic communication, & the monster had an enormous pool of armor & health. Blesticles’ evasion with Laz is what really shined, in order to buy his team time to dropship deploy over & over. Recognize.


really? i thought at times the monster was just stuck… or afk.


Did you watch the last five minutes of the match?


well i stopped at the bottom relay fight… now i skimmed through it and well… pitty that he did not just focus lazarus and be done with it. deserved win but truly not an epic must watch video O_o


Shows you how easy it is to cheese Behemoth.


Nice and all, but I couldn’t get over the fact that Laz didn’t revive someone 15M next to him! And shooting the monster after cloaking in his face?..



Appreciate it blank…I knew you’d appreciate the hard fought running around I did. As for everyone else, it was incredibly frustrating to try and res someone with a giant beast trying to kill you. And I did what was necessary for the win. And yes I do admit it wasn’t a pretty win, but I’ll take it. Bots > some users


Not all wins can be pretty, my friend.