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This was getting out of hand, thought I would make a discussion thread on it. @TheMountainThatRoars & @Hillbilly_Deathlord as well as other mods can keep an eye on the discussion.

This thread stemmed from this one: What Launcher will Back 4 Blood use on PC?

So Market research. @Axilla Good marketing is better overall; you get a longer sustainable product versus bad publicity later on and a black mark on your record (you don’t want that - but it’s unavoidable regardless).

As for the rest, go nuts. Remember: Keep it civil.


What Launcher will Back 4 Blood use on PC?

There is no need for that



What debate/discussion? I have no idea what you’re talking about!

In all seriousness, fixed.

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If there is one thing I want to say is that Steam is no longer what it used to be. It’s slacking off, careless and believes it can continue to thrive without having to change much.

At first publishers tried to compete by having their own stores (Origin, Battlenet (not sure what the good name is here)) but that was merely to promote their own titles without having to pay Steam a cut. Not to mention that it wasn’t as popular as Steam ever was.

Then I noticed that some developers were doing things differently by not relying on any store and just create their own launcher and game. Because why would they go to Steam with how bloated their selection is and how their storefront hasn’t changed much.

But now with Epic Games Store we’re seeing something in the making that could be better for both developers and players. Not to mention that developers who use their Unreal Engine get even more of a cut if they decide to promote via Epic store.

I feel like this is finally starting to shift the gears. Either Valve will retaliate by finally making some changes the community wishes to see on Steam or Epic Store will slowly rise up and Steam will start to fall.



Can someone give me the context? Not entirely sure what the thread is about.



Epic Games released a steam competitor; “Epic Games Store”



The thread exists because after the Back 4 Blood announcement one of the over-riding things that gamers have been… encouraged, maybe?.. to do is to complain heartily about the potential for the game to be distributed through the Epic Game Store.



Why don’t people like the Epic Games Store?



A google search does pretty well, but basically people who had already pre-purchased or backed games thinking they’d be released on Steam got annoyed that they’d be on Epic Game Store instead. Nothing really changed for them, except maybe which program they start the game from, but it really annoyed them.



TL;DR: Gamers are getting caught in a crossfire between Epic and Steam for Market supremacy.

It all started with Metro Exodus and a few other titles (The Division 2 comes to mind) becoming exclusives on Epic’s platform after, as @niaccurshi said, making false promises to consumers to put it on Steam and other such.



Epic store sucks balls.In terms of pretty much everything, and to hide that, they have the “WE GIVE DEVS 20% MORE”

You can google everything bad of it(Trust me its so much, that i will need to type for more than 10 minutes to cover everything).From anti-consumer practices, to spying, to the worst support ever existed, and with the least features any other launcher has,Epic store has EXACTLY 0 benefits for us the consumers.0

The only thing people keep saying is that devs get 20% more than Steam.Unless you are an indie company then no, Publishers make that extra money.In this case for example, it would be WB making more money not TRS while making us use a BY A LARGE AMOUNT a inferior client.

And even if Valve has been slacking off this past years because they have the monopoly, it doesn’t change the fact that it has around x10 times more the features any other store has.And from those features, it benefits the developer(Stuff he doesn’t have to develop or rent AT ALL since Valve already provides them by being in there) and it benefits us the consumers(Stuff like a working chat/social stuff, cloud saves,forums,reviews,backing up games, changing disk path to another disk and countless more stuff).

And as i said, lets not even begin talking about the worst security ever existed in PC gaming(Who the fuck doesn’t ask for a 2-step confirmation e-mail.I can go right now and make another account with your e-mail address.And let’s not forget for the weekly e-mail, SOMEONE HAS LOGGED INTO YOUR ACCOUNT, IF IT WASN’T YOU CHANGE PASSWORD)

And all this are just scratching the surface.

Bottom line, yeah, its not just about having a massive steam library(Which that is enough reason for some to not abandon steam).Its about Epic launcher being the worst, in every possible way, and their only grip is having the money to be paying for timed exclusivity.



I think the anti-consumer and supposedly ‘spying’ is nothing but fearmongering that isn’t based on facts.

Plus, keep in mind that Steam as well started out with a lot of features missing. That you prefer Steam because of that, that’s fine. But if anything we should welcome competition and that it hopefully can drive both stores to keep improving.

As for the “cannot play games offline”, sounds a lot like other stores like Origin. Maybe they’ll make it possible to play games that can be played offline later on but for now this isn’t such a big deal as you make it out to be.

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anti-consumer isn’t based on facts?What?What is this exclusivity bullshit on my PC then?1st party games yeah sure, like blizzard games on their own launcher then yeah.(As about the spying https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/epic-game-store-is-epic-at-spying-on-you.253640/
Its not anything big, but its still there, stuff you haven’t agreed on and doesn’t allow you to opt-out of it.Also Tencent comes into play, so where there is smoke, somewhere is fire)

Yeah i keep that in mind.That’s the point.Steam was a first, and after all those years it became what it is today.Why should i go back to a launcher that is 10 years behind?

I didn’t even mention offline play.But yeah thanks for another point.It is actually huge.Not everyone has constant access to internet, and lots of countries are limited to a set amount of data.But still offline play is 1 of the hundreds features missing.

When Origin started selling 3rd party games, or discord made their store, there was no backlash nor any problems.It was just an attempt to make another launcher/store for games which people actually do want in order to make Valve work even more on their launcher.Yes competition is good.Epic’s take on it is objectively bad, with NO pros and only cons.

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It isn’t.

What’s more, Epic responded and admitted that the EGS does comb your data, at least from Steam. They claim that they only get the data with your consent, but the fact that they would do it at all is sketchy.



@SirKeksalot @WiBaKi (check the comments section)

Now, I see this getting a lot of traction but as I said before, it’s fearmongering because if you’re so concerned about what happens with your data you shouldn’t be online at all.

In our current day and age, it happens with everything you do. Heck, it wouldn’t surprise me if Steam also collects more data than it should.

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I linked that exact response in my own post, firstly. Secondly, just because other services mine your data, that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable for this one to do the same or that it’s even acceptable at all. Or do you mean to tell me there was nothing wrong with Mark “We Do Not Sell Data To Advertisers” Zuckerberg to mine FB users’ data to sell to advertisers?

It’s also shadier because Steam is competition for Epic AND the EGS is looking at your friends list, which means it’s not just sticking its nose in your data, but also who your associates are, which can only mean they want to get involved in their business, too.

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It does.It asks you, do you want us to collect your hardware info? You can accept.You can deny.This is not an option at Epic.

Even the fcking TOS of Epic has you to agree that pretty much everything you do, can be used,gathered.Even if you make a mod, Epic owns it.Even making a simple youtube video, it’s epics.
They said that the only way for Epic to gather data from your Steam account is to click to import your Steam friend list.People proved that even if you don’t Epic still does it.

Seriously tho, there is no reason for ANYONE to defend Epic.About nothing.Unless you are an indie developer that don’t care about anything else, besides making money,noone can say 1 positive thing about using the store.This is not even just a preference.Even if we sat down and make a list, there are exactly 0 benefits for us.ZERO.This is not even up for discussion its just literal facts.

Also i want to make it clear again.I’m not saying Valve is a saint.They are not by any means.The cons though are less than the pros.Even if for some personal reason someones hates Steam, there are again objectively better stores to buy from rather than Epics.Origin,GOG etc.

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Beware reddit conspiracy theorists, is all I’ll say.

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I mean, I hate Epic something fierce and I hate that Dauntless is moving to their launcher, but let’s not get radical here. Indie devs are going to Epic because it’s more profitable for them, and when you divorce that from the fact that they’re dealing with the devil for what they can only assume is their own good, that’s not an inherently bad thing. Working with a shitty publisher doesn’t make a developer greedy; in fact, if we all think very hard, I think we just might be able to think of such a dev team that none of us can reasonably damn without questioning why the fuck we’re here.

And if Epic does something good, we should throw them a bone. I’ve had no association with Epic since the shitshow that was Paragon’s life and death, but I have a hard time believing that there’s nothing good about the EGS.

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To be fair, the discussion should not be “Epic took information from Steam” but rather “Steam security is so lacks that other parties can easily obtain more information than needed”. Whose to say Epic is alone in this?

I also doubt Epic gathered info for malicious intent. I mean, of the info gathered, what’s the worst they can do with it? They stated also that they got more than was necessary but only used what was needed.

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