EPIC BUG. I want to experience this again ;.;


So there’s a bug that makes your teammate spawn as an ebonstar merc right? Today, while having some connectivity issues (the game told me so) we had this bug. But with a twist.

You see, when our first mate died, he came back as an ebonstar, but had the weapons of abe. Immediately the dropship counter started to count again. After two minutes, another merc was dropped. Then again after two minutes time. I wonder how many allies we could have gotten?

Well we won very quickly somehow, despite having no trapper-dome. Worst Kraken ever.

Player turned in to colonist hunter?

I heard that when a team is very very noob, the game would send an army of ebonstar soldier to give them a hand…


You must have a lot of experience then. But seriously, why the cynicism?



This is a known bug, apparently. It usually happens when someone is “inappropriately” disconnected from a game. I joined a game where it put me in the Trapper role, which had been filled by someone playing as Abe, and I was dropped from the dropship as an Ebonstar soldier carrying Parnell’s shotgun, Hyde’s minigun, & personal shield. I kinda freaked out for a minute after the game ended because when it got to the progression screen it showed up as Abe again, dropped me back down to below no stars, no mastery, then counted my XP all the way back from nothing to where it was before.