Epex Instaquit


Just joined a game as monster, EVERY epex player left. What’s up with that? I know I’ve played several of them before.


I played them to, and I kicked their arses then BAM quit ~.~


I’ve noticed a lot of teams do this. They think they want practice when really they just want to kill some weak monsters, then they get destroyed and decide they should practice against each other instead. Because obviously you learn the best techniques and counters by someone of equal or lesser skill than yourself.


Well, if they arent a full group and they know you are a decent monster, they may quit, or if they were trying to get monster while going solo. If they are regrouping with another one of their guys who just got on, it makes sense for them to quit. If they decide to do a scrim instead, they would quit. There are lots of reasons for players to quit a pub, especially when they are on a team! :stuck_out_tongue:

Buuuuut, yeah, it could be something else too :smile:


On this note, still looking for premades/teams to play against. Already replied to @KaiserTim 's posts for monster players.


Maybe they all left for a scrim??? Maybe???


Maybe…but they didn’t all leave at the same time. It was more of an “as they realized who monster is” type of leave. Some before match start, some after match start. There was still more than a minute in the pregame lobby.


IDK? there’s Epex white (pretty much a schooling clan of Epex) and then there’s Epex Black which is the main team. Both sides scrim a ton of other clans.