Epex Gaming's First Weekly Evolve PC Tournament!


Changed Tournament to accept 4 man entries! Please see new post: https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/t/epex-gamings-first-ever-weekly-tournament


Is there a chance that the tournament could reconsider the team requirement number? A lot of teams including mine have monster players on them already and don’t feel as if we should be required to hunt down someone we can trust with a match. we understand however if is something that cannot be changed on your part.


It is something we took into deep consideration. If the community gives us a lot of feedback on wanting to change this we will reconsider.

We came to the conclusion that most teams SHOULD have 5 players, one in each role, anyway, so they could practice within themselves. Also, when you look to other Esports it is always a static team with 1 player in each role, not a player playing two roles at the same time. Also, the aspect of time comes into play, where it takes around 4-6 hours to run the entire tournament, but if we have to double that time due to teams having to play 1 game at a time rather than two, we will be looking at 8-12 hours to run one tournament.


I don’t think a tournament should dictate how teams want to play and practice, being we’re still at our early stages giving as little barriers to entry to teams is a good way to help grow the scene and get as many people as possible playing in tournaments. Four man or five man teams should be the teams choice.


Signing up as a caster whenever they port in observer client wooooo! :smiley:


I understand that Esports have 1 player in each role, but has Esports really encountered a game like evolve? where each side is intimately a different game? if so i’d like to see how they handled it. but i’d have to side with a lot of other people in the matter of teams. if you seperate hunter and monster are they really a team? or seperate entities. it feels more like the monster is a free agent being tossed around to represent whome ever he feels is the best hunter team. of course if the team wants a dedicated monster player it won’t hurt to have one.


Whoo! I’m excited for this. Can’t wait to bring my A monster.


What asymmetrical game have you every encountered in E-sports where you have two separate teams for each side? That has never made sense to me.

People seem to be blinded by the fact that monster side has only one player… So adding one more to the 4 hunters is no big deal right? Wrong. You’re adding an entire new team.

Evolve is 4v1, asymmetrical game. If you’re going to have a tournament where teams play both sides, have TEAMS PLAY BOTH SIDES. Not Team A of players 1-4 play one side and team B of player 5 plays the other, you’re evaluating two full teams together.

It’s your tournament of course, so run it however you like, but I didn’t enjoy reading what, in my mind, are fallacies.

P.S. you come from a MOBA background, so yes you have one player for each role (mid,top,etc vs medic,trapper,assault…) but are you telling me you have an entirely different team for each role on each side of the map? (blue/purple, ancients/scourge, wtv)


Hey chiprel!

I just want to say first that Evolve is a weird game for normal tournament setups :slight_smile:

However, I’m leaning to needing a 5th player being a monster. My reasoning is due from watching competitive Starcraft over the years. Not many players can play any race at a competitive level, because you really have to know your race if you want to even come close to being competitive against those who do.

For Evolve, the monster and hunter are 2 compete different games, not just races, as in Starcraft. If players are required to play both monster and hunter there’s going to some really sub par matches due to the difference in play.

It’s kind of like telling a sprinter to run a marathon, it might just be running, but it requires 2 vastly different skill sets.

Also, keep up the fun streams :slight_smile:


The difference in this is that a good monster player can easily carry a team of bad hunters farther into a tournament than they would make it otherwise. Most people/teams have one person who is very good at monster and has a hunter they are good at. Chiprel being a prime example. Trapper/monster player. Having someone part of the team who isn’t really part of the team because he only plays solo game against another team doesn’t make much sense.


It seems a good team would carry a monster or vice versa in a 4 man tournament as well. And playing practice games against the monster is seems like professional teams playing games against each other. Could be me though :slight_smile:

Really the only reasons I would like a 5 man tourney is the level of play will be higher, and the tournaments will be shorter.

And as I said Evolve tournaments are weird because of this problem lol :slight_smile:


Id just checked the ruleset so far, you might wanna take out masteries and add perks into it. also turning elite wildlife off is a better choice.

Otherwise it just goes like Goliath 1hits everybody with rockthrow, since most of masteries are just +damage and theres no + defense on any class (except maggie).


Hey Elzy!

If you’re going to compare it to starcraft, you’d need to have one “Team” be 3 people, one who is master with each race, and match ups involve permutations of 9 games between all the race match ups.
Doesn’t really make sense, does it? You just end up with 3 people, each basically their own team, yet being grouped together ‘just because there’s 3 races’.

Alternatively you would separate them instead. You’d end up with people who only want to play hunters or monster (like only playing zerg/terran/protoss) and tournaments would be set up to rank you based on that. You wouldn’t, again, tie one zerg, one terran and one protoss player together… You’d just find a way to rank teams as themselves. In this regard I’m sure we’ll see tournaments for ‘best monster’ and ‘best hunter’ teams.

Unfortunately none of that remotely makes sense for hunter+monster teams. What does make sense to me is saying we need minimum 4 players on a team, as there are 4 hunters. Now when the team switches sides, if the tourney involves both sides, THAT TEAM should switch sides… Not sub in a completely other ‘team’. While I’m not a fan of “all 4 need to play monster” like in the SITH tourney, I strongly believe that when the team of 4 switches sides, one of the 4 should represent as monster, meaning it’s still the same team… Just a subset of it.


I am not sure what you are reading EAX, but it says Masteries are turned off and Perks are turned on. Also much of the strategy in competitive play surrounds elite wildlife, so for now we felt like it should be turned on.


dont fool on me - ive seen mistakes on that document. Like final stage had other rules for perks and masteries than groupstage. Nvm then.

but i still think wildlife buffs needs a bit of balance first before using those. there are plenty of maps around where elite wildlife is just 70 meters away from spawn area. the 3rd map from beta in example (dont know the name actually) theres a damage reduction buff close to the spawn area - grab that and youre just secure on stage 1.


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: I feel like this is something the community has to decide on if Evolve wants to be taken seriously as an e-sport.

As for permutations would be silly. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think all the hunter players should have to play all of the hunters against all of the monsters. That’s not what I was suggesting at all. :smiley:

I was saying there should be a player who only plays monster because otherwise there will be sub par monster/hunter play; while using Starcraft as an example where if you play another race than you main, you aren’t going to be able to play it competitively. Just like playing Assault and Monster, your not going to be as good as someone who plays only one of those.

Edit I derpped


Oh, finally some good looking rules for a tournament, no more retarded no perks, no elite wildlife, etc.
Going to watch it if possible.

Also, teams consisting of 4 hunters + 1 monster makes sense for me.


got to agree with that but some people are still not level 40 - thats mostly a reason to turn that stuff off. i mean im lvl 40 idc at all but others may do.


You mean perks?

Reaching rank 40 is a matter of time, it can be done in a single week, anyone interested in playing this game for longer than a month will reach it anyway.
If you really want to do it, you can grind it in less than a couple of days.


The OP bailed during a game I was playing today. Shame on him! We won it too. Shame!