Epex Gaming: An Open-Letter to the Community


To the Evolve Community, Competitive and Casual.

In previous months, an image has been built up around Epex in general about our approach and attitude that gives Epex a very negative image. For anyone who doesn’t know me, I became Epex’s coach and manager just over 2 weeks ago. Joining Epex was a big decision for me, as whilst I was not of a negative opinion of Epex, I knew of the image Epex had built up and was very wary in joining Epex. As manager for Epex, I have spent a lot of time talking to teams, both inside and outside of Epex as an organisation about this image that Epex has, in the hopes of understanding the attitude people have to Epex and how to change it. This open letter to the community will be made up of two main topics which I want to approach, discuss and explain to the community.


The first general topic is something I like to call ‘Old-Epex’. This is the Epex that gained that notorious, bad mouthed, bad mannered and ‘Shady’ image that Epex still carries today, almost like chains. I want to explain how this image came about and why. There are two factors that created this image, one of pressure and one which helped push that pressure over the edge. Almost like the pressure in pipes rising very high and heating up, but one extra thing occurs such as a spark or knock that sets a whole explosion off. The pressure that built up towards Old-Epex was due to members in the Epex organisation acting in an immature, toxic way. Responses made by the Epex organisation towards things such as criticism or any hint of negative attitude was not acceptable back then, and I will not try to excuse this. Epex responded and acted in a way that is just not acceptable of anyone in the Evolve Competitive Community, let alone of a team that has shown to be amongst the best in the scene.

The real tipping point to create the image of Old-Epex came however during a Go4Evolve Cup, in which the Trapper for Epex Black used a technique that was seen by a lot of people at the time as an exploit. When I joined Epex, I spoke to the team about this event to find out what their view on it was, and it actually surprised me. Epex had very much regretted using this technique, and the comms during this game we’re very much against it occurring. However, in the heat of a tie-breaker game, the play was made and Epex suffered for it. It was decided after that this strategy was not considered an Exploit by ESL admins, and was later patched out by TRS. However, the damage to Epex had been done, and the building pressure of Epex’s image exploded. The community backlash for knocking out a crowd favourite team with a highly questionable strategy was considerable. However, Epex’s response to this backlash only aided to prove a point and further this poor image of Epex.

Before I go on with other things about Epex and how Epex is moving forward, I want to take this opportunity to apologise to not just teams involved, but also to the Evolve Community as a whole. To viewers, players and anyone who has been affected by this image of Epex or influenced by it. The way in which Epex had conducted itself was not appropriate and sorely unacceptable.


Now I want to take the chance to talk about the future of Epex, what I hope to achieve as my role as manager for Epex and how I hope the community can help me with this goal. In the recent weeks, Epex has gotten a lot of flak for anytime rules are questioned. Whenever rules are questioned at all during an ESL cup, the games are often stalled out for awhile and this causes viewers to wait for Competitive Gameplay. I want to make clear that this is not the goal Epex has whenever we ask for clarification on rules or contest anything. Epex play to the utmost care to hold ESL rules to the highest standard, and keep to the lettering of the ruleset as much as possible. However, due to the image Epex had given ourselves, attempting to make the rules as clear as possible and gain clarity on them is labelled by some as ‘Whining’ about any rules which don’t ‘Favour Epex’. With the impact our image has, this idea very quickly gets out of hand as seen by this weeks cup with the ESL seeding, and soon mob-mentality takes over to so much of an extent that the Broadcaster had to get directly involved in Twitch chat to inform the chat that Epex was in no way in the wrong. I very much want to avoid cases like this, where the intent of our team is misinterpreted and used against Epex. Epex has, and will continue to question the rules if there is not enough clarity on it, just as we would expect any other team to do so. Stalling out game-play is something we want to avoid at all costs, hence why Epex keeps such high communication with ESL admins to ensure fast resolutions, and are grateful for the improvement of the ESL admins in the speed of making judgement on any situation. We however will never attempt to bend rules to benefit ourselves as a team directly.

The general attitude of Epex members in places such as Twitch chat is also something that is changing and I hope continues in the direction it is heading now. As manager for Epex, I am very much aware there are members in the organisation who do not approach Public Relations in the way they should. Whilst this is not something that can be fixed in something like a day, this is being addressed. Whilst Epex are trying from our end to address this issue, this is where I want to ask for the Community’s help. I am not asking for everyone in the Community to suddenly ‘Love-Epex’, and nor do I expect this. All I wish to ask for, for the sake of Epex and to help reduce the risk of Epex offending the community again in any response we have, is to help dissuade and discourage open-ended hatred towards Epex and to anyone who is attempting to start an argument. As a small and close-knit Community, this behaviour does not help or aid anyone, and quite negatively hurts the scene.

I wish to ask for those who have any quarry against Epex, to steer this away from Twitch chats. This does not mean you should not have your opinions or issues with anything Epex has or will do, however Twitch chat is not the place to voice these, as there is almost no example of when this creates any constructive outcome at all. Please do feel free to contact me instead about anything that may concern you about Epex or any issues you have. I wish to ask that if any team members do say anything to offend you in anyway, that you should try to make contact with me, as the Epex manager, instead of the players. I can be contacted through

Steam : [Epex] Tatl Tael

Email: Revans@itsjevans.co.uk

Thank you very much for taking the time to read through this open letter to the community, allowing me and Epex to apologise for Epex’s behaviour and actions and ask for the community’s assistance in moving forward with Epex to become the best we can.

Coach and Manager for Epex,



I would like to personally apologize for a few things.

First off, I would like to explain why I have gotten VERY upset and have made questionable challenges in the past during tournaments, specifically with Eyes on U and Hard on You. In the heat of the moment, I saw minor bugs, or glitches occur and thought it affected the entire match enough to make a claim against it, whereas in reality this happens in every match, to every team, on both sides. I let my frustration, which was mostly caused from improper seeding from ESL coding errors which started after the first Monthly Final, effect my behaviour. For those of you who aren’t aware, my team, Epex Black, underwent 4 weeks in a row of this disadvantage, with the odds stacked against us and it made me more and more upset every week. It was unfair that my team, a top 8 team from Week 1, be faced against a top 2 team in the first round every week because we were receiving the LAST seed, due to a bug, rather than 4th-8th seed as which was intended. I talked to admins who after the second time PROMISED it would not occur again, however it did, 2 more times in a row. However, thankfully it seems this problem has been finally addressed in Week 10, with the help of Black Aegis’ recognition, the Admins changed the brackets manually to correct the coding error. Anyways, back to the point of the issue, I allowed this anger I built up from ESL’s errors to be spewed out against good teams and good players in a very bad mannered way, for which I apologize.

Second off, I have let my assumptions and gossip about other teams affect my opinions on teams as a whole. While some INDIVIDUAL players on a team may act inappropriately, or perform questionable acts, or verbally assault me or my team, I should have NEVER allowed any of those individual acts sour my opinion on any team as a whole. For this, I must apologize to Defend the Relay, Team HYPE!, and various players who associate with these two teams.
Lastly, I would like to apologize for any disrespect both myself and various members of my team have committed. Teams and players all have various outlooks on strategies for this game and what may work for some might not work for others, but they should NOT be discredited for using such strategies. I would like to apologize directly to Defend The Relay for this as well as other niche players.

I personally am a friendly guy and I like talking to and hanging out with everyone. However, sometimes my blunt personality, mixed with my troll-like teasing rubs people the wrong way, however I still would like to have a relationship with them at a professional level, as we are a small community that needs to band together. It saddens me that for a while now I have felt like I cannot have relations with anyone but my team for the most part, as it seems like everyone is out to back stab me. I am willing to give anyone who I have ever had an argument with a second chance, with an open, level headed mind, in order to possibly start a new slate. However, trolling or any kind of ill intent, whether in PM’s, Twitch chat, or any type of communication will be only met with no response.

Feel Free to contact me through my Steam: [Epex] Nightmare if you wish to talk to me about anything regarding my team or myself.


Let me now explain you why no1 in the scene likes you:

First of all,attitude.I don’t remember anytime any of HoY members(which was honestly the best team out there)talking anywhere and trying to prove they are the best.Meaning forum posts"We are the winners of this ESL,we are pro players,pub players suck".

Second:The seeding bracket.Yes it is not fair.There was times where we had to face HoY from our first match while we shouldn’t.
Why care?I’m there to play and get experience.I wanted to play against HoY even if that meant i’d loose from RO32.A good team should never be afraid of anyone.Nor care about the position.Its not like we are playing for money.

Third:The incident between us.Your monster is NA West-Our hunters EU. Our monster is EU-your hunters NA east probably.

The result= Us playing with 2 and 1 bar while girth-zilla was hitting us with invisible skills.When i say invisible i trully mean invisible.We couldn’t even hope for a dodge.
In the meantime your hunter team was playing with 3 bars which i’m not saying it is ideal,i am saying it is good.

When we asked you for our hunter games to be played with Aegis as host you declined.With Aegis as host that would lead your monster in having AGAIN full 4 bars while giving us the hunters 3 bars.It would still be laggy but instead of playing with 400 ping we could do that with 200 WHILE YOUR MONSTER STILL keeping his ping intact.

We didn’t ask for host.We didn’t ask for your monster to lag.We asked for your monster to play AGAIN with 100 ping while we would play with 200 instead of 400(Numbers are hypothetical just to get the point)

So yeah,i don’t care what’s happening in the twitch chat or w/e.I’m on the twitch chat to spam and get banned :stuck_out_tongue: But not wanting to play “fair” and having that attitude will keep you guys on being hated by every other team.And community.Why i say that?When Averse beat you a player of theirs told me that ALL HIS STEAM FRIENDS was messaging him to say: Thanks for fcking em up.Same happened with our monster when he won 1 of his matches.And we are talking about people who don’t even play competitive Evolve.Just spectating.

Anyway i think i covered the EoU incident.It wasn’t personal.The same thing would happen if we faced any other team in this kind of situation


I honestly didn’t expect you guys to do this. I think it’s good you guys want to improve and I hope the attitude of certain members of Epex will be better in upcoming ESL’s. Good luck with trying to recover the rather bad image Epex has.


Apologies for nerd raging on forums. Aside from that tacos are dank as f*ck.


I wonder what the real motivation was behind feeling bad for the dome move. I mean as a pub player seeing a couple of them was far and inbetween, but I knew immediately upon beginning the round that lame shit will happen and unless the members are not present anymore there will be no shift in behaviour no matter how hard you try as a manager.

You see those situations where you have like 2 of them in a pubgame on dam and you know that if push comes to shove they will sit on the glitchy point. They did. You’re on medlab as goliath you know where they will be. If playing pubs exclusively without taking their ESL moves into evaluation and I know them as exploiters who do you want to kid? There are only 2 types of competitors. Those that want to win no matter what and those that want to win fairly and as a manager you can’t change that you can only change the people the team consists of.

Maybe they will behave better with you in their neck in the official setting, but if those are still the same guys I played here and there - those types will remain assholes no matter what and if those get their hands on a private exploit that is hard to tell and rarely anyone knows about you can be sure they will do it and keep silent about it.

I mean what type of pressure is there in a pubgame that makes you go into exploiting behaviour - none. Obviously I don’t know if those people are still even in the team, I just posted this to show you how they earned their negative rep completely on their own for me while I don’t even have anything to do with the ESL as a teamless player.

Best of luck to get the rotten ones out and become professional athletes.


Exactly what i wanted to say on my topic as well but forgot about it


I can’t believe you actually get worried about “twitch chat”. It’s twitch dude, twitch!

In all seriousness. GG WP in #9, there was alot of PJSalt being thrown around.
Shit like this happens, but an apology like this wasn’t necessary lol.

Now find me the distillery cupcake, tatl !


Hey b1ngez I ran out of salt and I know your village is next door…


Yeah, I live right next to Nightmare’s Saltfarm :snail:


In all seriousness, you’re taking this too serious Tatl


So Epex did what Epex were Epexted to do. Epex acted in an Epex way that ultimately ended in an Epex backlash. I only wish Epex had seen that how Epex were acting would lead to them being Epextradited from the community. Let’s hope that Epex truly is the new Epex, and not the Old-Epex, so that we together can work Epextra hard, train Epextrodinarily together to gain rock hard (E)pex.

… Epex…


Best of luck with your new position! I think you’ll need it.

Although I’ve never really followed much of the ESL, my first and only real impression was from forum etiquette of the team, and how they carried themselves in forum. For a period of time, it seemed they were going through two posts a day, every day with them vs. the plebes of evolve… In all honesty, just about everyone in this forum is dedicated enough to the game, interest, balance, and health of Evolve… and I saw it as a poor choice to pick fights with “non-pro” players because “their opinion did not matter for the game.”

I am not going to go into the debate again, but I hope the “New Epex” can be respectful to the “non-pro” members out there… because although we may not be signing ourselves up for competitive play, doesn’t mean there aren’t skilled individuals or groups out there…

And finally, the biggest reason is that because we’re also your FANS… or not… The choice in how popular, and well received your “new epex” is will entirely depend on the conduct and sportsmanship of your team. And not JUST the team, but your individual members…


Epex have conducted ourselves pretty well this past week, but it is out of our hands now. It is why I felt that I needed to ask for the Community’s help on this, because it feels right now that I, personally, am tied to a track with a massive Hate-Train approaching me. Excuse at how bad that metaphor was.

But thank you for your response, it really gives me a shred of hope. So far out of 50 comments communally from this thread and the Reddit thread, yours is one of 3 positive responses. You can see where my feeling of the Community hates me is starting to come from…


I don’t think anyone meant this as a negative.My post was written with all seriousness to give you guys an idea of what’s happening.


That’s good to hear Wibaki. Don’t know if you’ve seen the thread on Reddit though.

If you haven’t, make sure to grab some popcorn before you start and pull up a comfy chair.


Yeah well that’s how everyone feels.I’m explaining the reasons.I could also write something like that but instead i decided to give you the reasons.


Everybody should at some point in his/her life actually see the value of treating other people with respect. What many have experienced so far from epex players on the forum at least ist plain and simple arrogance.

As in every sport and community, have respect and fun.
It’s as easy as it sounds and if epex stays true to those principles it should get comfy pretty quickly in the evolve community for you guys, be it in the competitive scene or otherwise. Just need to remember we are all here to have fun together.


Don’t get too overwhelmed/underwhelmed at the responses you’re getting. Please bear in mind… the “old Epex” worked hard to get the reputation they did, and it will take time for the team to earn back the respect that you’re looking for.

We may not show outward appreciation to your first steps, but know they are the right ones. Keep up the good work :smile:


This was on the third game against Girth if my memory serves me correctly. We offered you all neutral host before the map banning phase begun, and were declined. Our hunters are East coast and Middle US to clarify. Also, I was not informed you all even asked for neutral host, as you did so directly with our monster, rather than with me the captain. I would like for you to take agreements up directly with me from now on, as you have my promise I will do my best to try to find the most fair things for both teams. In the case of our two teams and hosting, I would have had Tatl Tael(or another UK citizen) host the match, for our Hunters and Cyril, as that will give Cyril a slight advantage. Then have Aegis(or another East US citizen) host the match between Girth and your hunters, as it will give Girth a slight advantage. This is in my opinion a fair option for everyone in my opinion.


I can assure you, that my team has NEVER intended to use anything SPECIFICALLY addressed as an exploit by the Developers, or any other authoritative figure in Evolve. We used the dome dodge mechanic(which is still in the game, proving it to not be an exploit) which now causes the dome to have a 10 second duration rather than the previous 60 seconds. We were also yelling in comms to NOT do this, as we knew it was a sort of tabu, however, under pressure and stress, our trapper decided to do it, which we have apologized for.