Enter match as monster but cant take over bot


I’m really annoyed because I had a perfect 36-0 record as Goliath. I keep getting put in a match and I can’t take over bot and the screen looks like a spectator mode but it still has my health bar and say press right stick to smell. So I back out and it puts a loss on my stats! I couldn’t even take over bot. I understand there’s a problem with people rage quitting and backing out. But they NEED to fix this. It shouldn’t count on Ur stats unless you take over the bot. I was so proud of my stats and now my first loss wasn’t even a loss! Please trs fix my stats and fix that bug. I have a video on Xbox one of what happens my gamertag is sergeant 666


Just find a way to die as the spectator and you can take over the bot just fine

EX: http://gamed.tv/GT/radical%20scopez/2ef6e469-76e7-4e51-9b8e-13237b98c2f3


Forget about stats. This game is filled with bugs. There is absolutely no point caring about stats, because bugs will spoil your record.


But that’s just it I’m technically the monster to the game. But the only thing I can compare what it looks like is to spectator mode. but it’s not spectator mode


And the game WAS filled with bugs it’s gotten much better. But this is a bug they need to know about! That’s why I wrote it not for some dumb answer like That. if they know there’s a problem they work day and night to fix it. So unless you have something helpful to saY. Leave the obvious comments to yourself


Read what I said earlier. Yes it is a bug in the game that needs to be fixed but there is still a way to take over the monster. All you have to do is die (Ex: Walk into poisons water/liquid, death by wildlife, get hit by the crossfire during an encounter, etc.


Asking devs to manipulate with stats is extremely dumb. CTD, blackout, cat jumped on keyboard - should they also care about that stuff? Or you think you’re special and some losses of other people occurred not because of bugs?

There is a lot of bugs, it’s a fact. And you don’t understand that caring about losses which occur not because of your playstyle is stupid.


I think you’re just jealous bro. I probably beat you with him and made u feel like a noob huh.


Go to some cosmopolitan forums if u wanna be a bitch like I said useless comments are not necessary. If you think me caring about stats is stupid then how fucking lame are you to waste your time commented on a forum about it?