"ENTER" Key Change - Text Chat for PC


Hello, I’m having issues with the ENTER button on my keyboard, the Text Chat button for the game. I’m left handed and use the arrow keys to play, my fingers, when playing, are constantly hitting the ENTER key and opening up the chat. Is there a way to TURN OFF or CHANGE the key associated with the Text Chat? Please let me know the path within the game files, where this is, so I may change it, PLEASE. It really is affecting gameplay!


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On topic, i think there is a option in the main menu where you can reassign the key bindings

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It might be worth giving this thread a read to help understand what’s what around here.


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Wow I didnt know left handed people play with arrows O.o

How do you use your abilities? Just curious


Yes, you can re-assign CERTAIN keys, but there isn’t one to re-assign the ENTER key


very carefully! they are all around the Arrow keys, of course.


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So now I understand, the Enter key is not an option to change… I will put this under suggestions…


Can we maybe implement this in the game for our left handed friend?

Btw I am a lefty too! But I write wth my left but do everything else with my right lol