Enough of this Pugness! LF PC hunter group to play with


So yea as the title says . Got enough of pugs games .

My specifications
Age : 20
Height : 186cm
Weight : 77kg, low fat
Eye colour : Brown
Hair : Brown , medium lenght
Shoe size : 11 US
My hobbies : Playing guitar and Fitness.

And now the less important stuff :

-11 elite Hunters
-Great Assault and Support.
-Above average Medic
-bad as Monster and Trapper

Mic? Yes of course.Also I can sing my national anthem if requested.

So yea if you got enough of loosing with pugs…

WHOA M8 CALM DOWN, I LOVE PUGS! whispers : PM me your steam ID . Or you can post it here in thread.

Waiting for your response

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@Trick. <Baa baa black sheep.


Don’t Know how well cross eu-us works? Since i am quessing you are from US


EU to US works just fine. I’m the living proof. It’s just that timezones like to screw people over…


True that :-/


I’ll post my steam info when I get off work

4:10~ish pm Central american time

steam completely blocked here at work, didnt memorize my steam url.

EDIT: I forgot to tell you what i play. Which is everything but medic. I like support the best. But I’m above average assault. and a pretty good griffin.


We don’t like pugs here!


Add me.
Steam ID : Lerneros [GR]

  • Top 10 Torvald Assault - (low w/l due to not leaving even pugg games)
  • Great Trapper and Good Support
  • Averag-’‘ish’’ Healer (X-D)
  • Bad-Not interested in Monster


Hey guys

We’ve set up a Steam group for this very reason, we want to help you guys find people to play with (or against).

Hope to see you in there :smile:



Add me Steam ID: Gameplayovergraphics


But you didn’t post YOUR Steam ID.

You can add: mediumvillain if you want. Just invite if you need anything except a Monster. Level 40, all characters Elite. My overall preference goes: Assault, Medic, Support, Trapper