Enough of the caira cabot abe comp


i m done i m fuckin done, i can t play monster anymore every one is playing this fucking comp that once you re seen you never get away “but the monster is faster than the hunters” bullshit i m so fucking done trying to win against this shit i m done i ll never play monster again i m done


Welcome to the pain people felt playing against Wraith all the time.

When people find something that works they’ll play it into the ground until it’s nerfed or counters are developed


you can counter wraith but you can t counter the hunters dude


Eventually the counter will be figured out. The game has been tested into the ground everything can be countered it’s just a matter of taking the losses until you do rather than screaming OP. If it really is as broken as pre-release Wraith it’ll be patched but somehow I doubt it is


When a certain hunter is a problem, the obvious solution is to kill them first. Problem Abe? Kill Abe first. Problem Cabot? Kill Cabot first. Problem Caira? Kill Caira first?

All of them together? Kill all of them first…wait a sec…


if abe gets you, you re done, when the dart weres off cabot uses his dust tag and caira use the sprint boost so abe can dart you over and over and over and over and when you re stage 1 about to evolve you forget about it and you lose


cough stage 1… try to kill someone at stage one when caira or val is there


by the time you re done killing someone they get back up and you lost half you re health and the hunt begins again and you can t evolve


I don’t play Monster that much but I’d say the best order would be Caira (can’t keep up with you or heal), Cabot (reduced damage, tracking and no more sniping through walls) then Abe (can’t be slowed, tracked or domed)


If you’re playing against this combo try sneaking you’re way to stage 2 and then engage. I defeated enough teames using this combo and it can all be done with some smart thinking and no blind goliath rage


Pick feeding speed for a quick Evolve or movement speed to stay ahead of them even when sneaking


ha you think i didn t try, every time i m gonna evolve they re close so i try to hide somewhere else but then they re all separated so one of them sees me cabot uses his dust and you re done


I aint had many problems with it
if they get you stage 1 your in a tough spot like any hunter combo but stage 2?

run, feed, run, feed, fight and repeat until you get afew strikes, win or ready to evolve to stage 3

personally I thought the Caira/Daisy combo would be more of an issue with an almost guaranteed stage 1 dome


dude i m caught at stage 1 about to evolve, i wouldn t do this topic if i could win against it


if they see you at stage 1 you re onde you can t win and that s my problem, they always find me at stage 1, and if i have the chance to evolve i don t have enough health to kill enough hunters


The game is unbalanced in high level play.

A stack running Caira, Cabot, Abe and Parnell will destroy Goliath and Kraken with ease unless the Monster gets lucky and manages to get to Stage 2 without birds.

The problem is that once you’ve been engaged you can’t get enough space to evolve for the rest of the game inbetween the Dust Tagging, Railgun harrassment, Tracking Darts and Speed Boosts.

Not to mention you get melted by Damage Amp + Parnell.

Cabot alone is just as cancerous to this game as Wraith is to be honest. It’s sad more people can’t see it.


yes yes yes that s what i m saying it s exactly what happens



ok it s funny but still it s rude dude


Ok, let me try again…