Enhance Wraith Glow


Hello! @MacMan confirmed that he proper wraith glow is supposed to be pink, but in a lot of the skins it just takes the color of whatever that one is. For example, Bog Wraith glows green, Elite Wraith glows yellow, Magma glows Red. Would it be possible to enhance the intensity of the glow so it looks more pink?

I’d also like if the Kraken could have it’s blue glow more noticeable, but if not that’s fine. Goliath and Behemoth are perfect where they are.


That could be done on purpose to avoid colors clashing. Even wraiths have a sense of style you know :slight_smile:




I want her to glow more too. ^.^


I’d rather all the monsters change their glow to mach their skin, I hate having a sexy green bog Goliath with neon RED glow. Ugh.


Yeah…That vibrant red and shade of green are just icky.


I prefer all skins to change the glow colours. Seriously the pink glow is disgusting on wendigo wraith, need a colour change on that one.


We should really be able to change the colors on our weapons and glow colors, at LEAST. I understand custom skins being a no, but why not custom glows?


I like this idea.


I stand by this idea as well.


Pink is a much more sexy color



Of course. You are my right hand.

@KingWut117 No.


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If you wanna discuss that thread stay in that thread. I’m tired of conversations being continued from that thread into others that have nothing to do with it; enough derailing already.

I’m all for skins having there own glow, I might actually consider buying skins if the colors match.


I don’t think all of them do- correct me if I’m wrong but Wendigo and Carnivore do not alter glow, do they?


After looking at Wraith I’m pretty sure her glow is always pink, its just a light shade so the different skins make it LOOK like they change the color but even on the gold skin especially on her underbelly I can see the pink. It kind of just illuminates the areas if a richer color is covering the parts that are meant to be pink.


pink? ive always seen her glow as white with sometimes a pinkish/purplish glow


i dont know what u guys are saying, ive always seen it as white


She’s supposed to have a pink glow I believe.


if ur refering to when she slashes, than yes, thats a pinkish/purplish glow. But from what ive seen, her armor glow is normally white