Endorse Me?


Hello everyone. So I’m officially launching my career as a comic writer sometime next month or so. I’ll be posting on Patreon, a site where my source of income comes from the readers and fans, by them pledging a patron, or monthly endorsement every month for every project or thing I post for that month. So, I’m trying to get a head start by having immediate patrons so that it will attract others on Patreon to endorse me as well. So if you like Manga, which is what I’m mainly doing there, then please Endorse me. Even if its just $3.00 it would mean the world to me. So please just PM me if interested, that way when I create the actual Patreon page, you can become a patron of my works. Thank you for your time, and I hope you guys will help me out. :slight_smile:


Id love to see what kind of things you do :slight_smile:


@SledgePainter how do you feel about this?


So you’ll endorse me? If so please name a price. :slight_smile:


You got some samples of what you do? I mean, I’m mainly asking because you might want to show what you got before you can expect pledges. I’m not a fan of manga myself, so the chances I endorse are pretty slim, but yeah. People don’t like pledging blindly.


Well, of course Id like to see what you do first.


I totally understand. But see, my artist I’ve hired for the comic we’re gonna post is still working on the actual comic, I could show you some concept sketches to get an idea of how well it will look.


Go right ahead, I’m interested to see.



Just sketches, but yeah.


Impressive! I’m glad you guys aren’t going with the eyes-bigger-than-half-the-face style. Looks old school and serious!


Thanks so much. :slight_smile:


And yes it is a very serious sci fi thriller.


So what do you think @Torvald_Stavig and @Sannom


Looks great!

But until I see some evidence of a good story, I hold my decision. Looks good so far.


You want a synopsis?


Sable Void

Four scientist set out to acquire an element called Rigor, capable of bio chemical destruction. Once retrieved, they return to the massive mother ship known as the Euphoria, aboard thousands of passengers. But when they run various tests, one scientists discovers it can offer super human qualities, and enhance chromosomes. But a human test subject is needed, and his fellow scientists refuse to test such a dangerous experiment. So the scientist injects himself with the Rigor variant, but instead of initial results, the element causes him to mutate, and run mad throughout the Euphoria infecting others. As the infection spreads wildly, those who remain human struggle to survive the nightmare, as the more the infected feed, they evolve and expand into more deadly and horrific mutations.

Now this is just a rough synopsis, so as to not spoil all the juicy details and intelligence of the Manga. But I do hope this aides in your decisions. I will also bring you more concept art as it comes to me, and I will present the first page when it is completed, which will be soon.


So far I like Patreon myself. I could see how it would work for artists who ALREADY have a following of some sort to also help it grow and make a profit. However, @ZkyClank, if you do not already have any following at all you may find it quite difficult to get started. Do you also post your art anywhere else? That will help. I hate endorsing social media but sadly, this is what all artists need today if they actually want to succeed to a point where you can pay your rent, so I would post on Facebook and Twitter or what have you if you already are there, and get your artwork up on sites like DeviantArt which will help people see your work and you can spread your Patreon link there. You can also stream your art or make YouTube videos and tutorials, which also you could post as rewards for Patreon. Always remember to reward, set low tiers for even $1, and don’t always have your posts hidden for paying subscribers only since people randomly visiting your site may see your revealed work and decide to back you.

I just started Patreon myself and I no longer have the following I once did within my art communities since I pretty much have stagnated since I left “the business” a few years back and haven’t posted art on-line anymore, so DO NOT look at my own page as a fair example for what you could do follower-wise. I also don’t post my art anywhere else on-line save for here on the forum, and despise social media like the plague, which goes against all sense if you want to make money. I personally have a Patreon page for people who have an interest in seeing my work which normally doesn’t get seen by anyone, and to buy some art supplies here and there with that, so I have vastly different reasons than most for having Patreon. I do it mainly to keep me going artistically, since it’s good to know people actually want to still see my work no matter what it is. It helps to feel artistically appreciated and to me, having just a couple people watching is good enough. To really excel though, I suggest building yourself up by getting your artwork everywhere that you can and take time every day to read and answer comments at these various places. Know that it takes time to build a following. Also post frequently to let people know you are still active and creative.

Here is my page: https://www.patreon.com/SledgePainter?ty=h
DO look at my page and see how it is set-up and how I did my rewards tiers. I ran a few Kickstarters in my time so this was easy for me to work out but for someone new to it, it can take some figuring out, but Patreon makes editing super easy, almost too easy. Also look at other Patreon artists and see what they offer, how they set up their pages, made their videos (I do not have one but might soon. Videos bring in more followers too.), and set up their rewards. ALWAYS have a $1 tier. Other artists that want to support you might be low on funds themselves and this could be all they can afford. Make sure you can fulfill what you promise without overworking yourself. Don’t stretch yourself thin while working your art. It’s best to go at your own pace and don’t commit to anything that would make you NOT want to do art. Also, have multiple tiers so that people can support at one tier, and then if they can’t keep up with that subscription, can drop down a tier or two without having to completely stop supporting you. My higher tiers are really meant as jumping tiers, so that everyone that wants original art from me CAN get it, but they don’t have to commit to always putting out that kind of money every month. I also have a raffle so that people even in the lowest tier can win art from me. You want to make it win/win for everyone but again, don’t stretch yourself too thin for your tastes.


Thanks for the helpful advice Sledge. But I’m not an artist, I just write comics, and artist draw the comics for me. I’m working on various comics that I plan to post monthly on Patreon. Basically a chapter per month for each comic. I have about ten promised endorsers for when I start, which Is what I’m trying to get here, just to boost things a bit, and I’ve got more endorsers coming in. Also, I’ve never posted anywhere else. I suppose taptastic would help. I kinda just wanna see how it goes, and I have high faith that it will grow pretty nicely. But again thanks, and if there’s anything else, please do tell me. :slight_smile:


Are you planning to post just your text or go hand-in-hand with the illustrator and do a tandem Patreon together? It can be difficult to post just writing. I’m not sure of the legalities but you should write up a contract to let the artists know, if you are hiring them just for this, that you plan to post their work on your Patreon page. If you use multiple artists, you can also draw from their own follower pools and they can post your work and theirs on their own social media pages so your ability to gain supports will grow exponentially. BUT, the artists may want a piece of the action too, so it could be better to split the proceeds or ensure that all lines are drawn in the sand (as a contract) for how you want to proceed with their work before they do the work for you.

Other than this worry I feel you have a good starts and you could potentially get a page going already.