Endless dlc monsters and hunters


Its been mentioned on here but im curious on a more detailed explanation. Realistically do you guys think they could just add more monsters and hunters?(at least until next gen) Imagine all the combinations and experiences online that could be had. Tier 1 assault playing with tier 12 support vs a tier 18 monster just as an example lol because an Evolve 2 just wouldn’t make any sense imo.


I don’t think we’ll see that many. The devs will support the game for the first year for sure, so we’ll see up to three more sets of Hunters.

Anything past the first year depends on how popular the game is.

Even if this game is another Left 4 Dead, I don’t want to see up to Tier 12 Hunters. They can max it out at 8 or 9 for me.


Really curious though, why wouldn’t you want to see more though? It would only make things more intresting,no?


Realistically I have a hard time seeing them go past 6-8 full tiers, if they insist on keeping every class even as far as number of characters. If they’re willing to fudge on that and make a good assault or medic when they don’t have the ideas for another support/trapper/monster then they could potentially stretch a little further.

Add too many characters though and the risk is that they start turning into reconfigurations of the toolkits of existing characters (which generally means older characters will end up obsoleted) OR they add too many tools and the game starts suffering from TF2-itis and any new players immediately go into ferret shock.

That said, Payday 2 has just secured another 2 years of funding from their publisher and are still going strong, so I’ll be happy to be proven wrong. (I just sorely hope the interface gets fixed before they add too many more characters. The left-right control scheme might be great for consoles but I like having a mouse for a reason.)


As long as we keep supporting the game, we should keep seeing more monsters/hunters. When we stop, they have no choice but to stop.


I wouldn’t mind more hunters and monsters of course, but I’d rather go for quality over quantity. As it’s been said before, it will be hard to make new characters really unique. They could probably create more monster tiers than hunters, but sonner or later, they will have to create more complex skills (both technologically and mechanically) that would require them to improve their code and face even trickier gameplay issue (characters with complex mechanics and a high skill cap are hard to balance across a wide spectrum)


As would I. I am perfectly fine with the current number. Perhaps add more monsters over time. But hunters are in a comfortable spot.

Monsters make it so much more interesting in my opinion, and I’m a hunter player.


I wouldn’t like to see past T5 or T6 hunters actually, but more monsters can go into infinity and beyond.


Yeah I agree with the quality before quanity points no point in having 40 hunters and half of them dont function properly lol. I guess only time will tell, but if done right I dont think we would have to worry about tiers being obsolete they just have to make sure they dont make a character that sheilds, damage amplifies has a uav tracker and jet booster gun lol. Many mmos i have played still leave older characters usefullness still intact. Hopefully this will be the case after a year because this game is definitely unique.


I down for them making as many hunters and monsters as they can so long as they keep things balanced, don’t make any of their characters obsolete, and each new hunter/monster is unique.


More interesting to me is new maps; There’s more than enough toys to play with in terms of characters, and I would imagine maps are easier to develop, would bring some greater variety to the experience, and (best of all) are free!


Interactive maps at that. Imagine a map where hunter or monster could trigger a landslide. Or a map that has meteor showers occasionally.


Volcano erupts in the background, spewing ash in the sky. Causing hunters to be almost completely blind, and for the monster to not be able to smell/see either. ^.^

Earthquake makes the monster lose its footing, slowing it down. Also disrupts hunter devices?

I can see some fun in that idea.


I think you’re right, only to a lesser extent. The game has an expandable nature, and it could work like that indefinitely IMHO.
One other thing that could helo the longevity of the game is new modes and “mini campaigns”, both SP and MP.

But for just having more hunters and monsters, yeah, I’m all for that. especially monsters


Even some different wildlife would be a nice touch. Maybe even new rewards for the gametype evacuation as well.


If you ask me, with most modern games, the release of sequels is just a marketing thing. The ability to expand a game is mostly limitless


I think they should release tier 5 as promised for PC master race. who only get to choose 2…not even sure how they will do that.

then after tier 5 and the 5th monster, everything should be released individually like league and dota do it. it will stretch out the game and not overwelm us with characters. tier 4 was a pain in the ass to figure out cuz of the uniqueness and style they brought. you had to figure out 4 ppl at the same time instead of one.

also gives them more time to work on 1 super unique hunter rather than masking and overlapping old hunters. torvald didnt need a shotgun for example. I also dont want bucket to disappear forever with the miriad of supporty supports. hes already only picked 5% of the time!!! :cry: :cold_sweat:

tier 5 incoming thats 20 hunters and 5 monsters. ranked mode will have a pick/ban phase for sure. to add spice to competitive play and block single meta builds .


I think 5 tiers is enough for hunters.

I can see up to like 10 monsters. ^.^


Being overwhelmed isnt the best reason to not realease all four once imo only because you can pick and master the character however you want your not forced to learn all 4 in like 5mins. I like the option to pick 3 new rather than getting 1 and having to wait, but i see your point a barrage of possibilities can be troubling. Definitely agree on taking time to focus on unique and new characters, last thing this game needs is recycled or reskined chatacters.


it already happened. bucket has gotten a buff every patch and is still deemed useless in competitive play. with sunny added even hank is not going to be picked as much. cabot nerf put him back in line but i bet 100% for the mobility and chasing potential sunny will be in every match.

leaving bucket with 0 chance now. cuz if you want more shield reliabilty than sunny, you get hank, if you want more damage, you get cabot.

the only time i see bucket in a tourney is when a super good monster always gets to stage 3 no problem no matter how hard they try and they want to hunter down at the relay and defend. bucket is the best stage 3 fighter for damage vs cabot/sunny