Endless Armor In Hunt


May I ask what the thought process is allowing monsters in hunt to re-armor and re-heal over and over again?

Because at stage 3 a decent player playing as monster is nearly unbeatable. Especially if he is using Wraith which is chosen like a broken record repeating.

Thoughts anyone am I wrong? Am I in the ball park? Or is it fine just the way it is?


So you want the medic to be able to re-heal the entire team, but the Monster can’t re-armor?


That’s kinda sorta the point, though. If you fail to Hunt, the Monster gains on you - in the form of Stages, in the form of additional health and firepower (And size. For some reason.).

Armor is there as an equivalent to the hunters’ Strike system. If you chew trough the armor, you’re dealing permanent damage to the Monster, where Hunters have to die to go down, get a strike (Providing we’re not playing with Laz and his additional niche) and get up or outright die.


If you don’t deal significant damage to his health by S3, you’ve been outplayed. Simple as that gets.

And Wraith, due to its low health and armor, is the easiest monster to fight at Stage Three. Where Goliath, Kraken and Behemoth can just go nuts at you on S3, half health, armor or not, Wraith has to constantly rearmor, giving you a good chance to run down the timer, or get locked in a fight it may very well lose.


At stage three you should wait till they’ve lost their armor, or at least enough of it that they attempt to flee, until throwing the dome in order to almost guarantee some decent health damage.


See when a monster runs out of armor, you’ll need to do health damage by making it stick around right?

And what tool do you have that does exactly this?

Begins with “d”, has “e” at the end, and “om” in the middle.

Yeah, your Trapper needs to be better. Simple fact.

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Here’s the issue and I’ve see it time and time again with the new hunt. Decent players get monsters to stage 3. You then have to break full armor and health over and over.

The power relay doesn’t regen health if he kills the medic that’s a minute and something that hunters have to survive which doesn’t take into account that more than one hunter may be dead.

So monsters re-armoring endlessly seems a bit unfair unless there’s a timer for the relay being destroyed. Being able to re-heal is perfectly fine. That’s all I’m saying as most matches are randoms which makes it that much more harder against a decent monster.

Am I wrong here? Just curious what the community thinks. Thank you all for chiming in by the way it’s greatly appreciated.




I don’t see the problem here, Are you saying you should win against decent players? Monsters can only re-heal once if there is a buff, and it’s only 2.5 bars. And Monsters cannot re-armor endlessly, there are game time limits with a hunter auto-win.

The game is balanced around the monster being able to re-armor, if you can’t beat the monster player then they are better than you, you need to accept that and try and become better.


Yes, dominoes. Dominoes Pizza to be exact. The wonderful scent of the pizza entices the monsters to stay.


There’s a timer in hunt? Where? Hmm someone educate me please.


All hunt games are 20 minutes by default, at the 18:00 minute marker, there will be a timer that counts down. It will be paused if the hunters and monster engage each other.


It doesn’t appear until there’s only three minutes left; it’s hidden otherwise. It’ll be on the upper left corner


I knew there was a reason people kept running into my mines pizzas whenever I’m Dankov.


No wonder I haven’t seen it! Wow thanks folks!

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Also there’s a hardcap on the gametime. If the game runs for 40 mins (Remember the timer can be paused by engaging in combat), then the match ends as a draw.

The key to your problem is that you need to catch the monster ealier and get domes to do health damage. It’s the trapper’s job to catch the monster, but the entire team is equally responsible to help find and track the monster, so that the trapper can get into position to throw the dome.