Ending Scene!



this is just my opinion for the ending of the match. When the Hunters win they standing on or near the monster body doing victory pose ( or even taking selfie lol ) And when the monster win they get to eat the hunters bodies ( 4 hunters that killed ) scene and roaring stuff that we already had.
I know this stuff is kinda “useless” But I think it would be cool if we have them in the game :slight_smile:
Thank you for listening to my opinion.


Yea, why not?


yeah, the hunters victory scene is very dissapointing , they just get on their ship and thats it, why not do the poses like overwatch and rainbow six siege on the end of the game,also it would be cool if TRS with that idea implemented gave us poses like overwatch.




I’d buy all the victory poses


I personally think they should just use their old win images. So when you’d win you’d get a picture with all the hunters you had together or the monster you used, like this-

  • or this -

I personally absolutely loved them and I wish they’d make a return or at least be an option! :slight_smile:


Paragon has nice win animations as well. (the vid should start at 20:30 for you)


really cool stuff sir, really nice if Evolve S2 have the same thing like in Paragon or Overwatch that shows players pose XD


Good idea, i like it. Also would really like a taunting option for the Monster. So before the fight starts he can roar at them or in Goliaths case roar and spit fire, something like that. Kraken would let spawn some badass lightnings around him or what ever.


A selfie would work for Caira. One of her victory lines is “Hey let’s get a picture so I can send it to my… What? FINE. Evac!” so it would fit. Maybe her husband/boyfriend/parents/children would get the picture.


yeah Kraken with the lightning stuff would be badass XD


Wife/girlfriend Hmmm…?


YES ! #Nohomo #KappaPride but kinda off topic comment right now XD hope that u guys focus on the main topic :smiley: and giving me your opinion should we make it real or not :smiley:


This, this is awesome! I think it would save a lot of data as well


new ideas on those new pose thing ( if the Devs want them to be real XD )

Monster Default Pose is the one that we had, looking at the camera then roar

Goliath new pose : eating bodies and turn around ( the camera location ) and use fire breath then the camera break we can no longer see the image of goliath

Wraith new pose : eating bodies and when she sees the camera, she use her traversal to move closer to the camera to attack it then the camera glass break we can still see the image but she ran away after she broke the camera

Kraken new pose : looking at the Camera then use lightning strike ( lightning, thunder stuff ) to hit the camera and the camera broke with the words can’t receive signal or out of signal.

And I think those pose should be buying through store, or leveling your monster to 45, 50 ?


It’s an “old” image? When did they use it because I never saw this before?


probably from Legacy evolve when the game first come out.


Dang! I was about to make a similar topic, just that the hunters should also have a victory pose like the monsters instead of just a freaking space ship leaving.


yeah that’s what I’m talking about Hunters should get victory poses standing on the dead monster ( if this is too much and Monster players find it offense then standing near the dead body would be fine ) and doing victory pose like the monster did at the end of the game :smile:


Because hunters are so freaking badass they dont even consider killing the monster a victory

Its like

“Welp,that’s another dead monster”

“K,can you start the ship already ,im starving”

Torvald Stavig - “Yes?”


lol nice point XD