Endgame stats shouldn't be match averages but minute averages


It gives very little information as global match average because some of your matches will be short and some will be long - and in the end, it says nothing at all because of that. Average per minute would make much more sense.

EDIT: Take Starcraft II as an example: it shows APM as in Actions Per Minute. If it was Actions Per Match, it would be completly useless statistic because some games are 10 minutes long while others take 1 hour.


@MacMan if you don’t get that on your list soooon™, I’m gonna steal all your cookies.

…what the fuck did I just wrote.


I really feel like it would be much more useful and I can’t imagine it being that hard to implement either (what do I know though).


MacMan said they were going to change it to average damage per minute.


Really? That would be awesome!


As of 9 days ago.