[ended] 2 good games to give away, for free! + extras


First things first.
One code per person per day. Reset of the clock is at midnight (12 am) EST - Eastern Standard Time
First come, first serve - post here to get the code.
First game on Uplay:

The code is for Uplay, but maybe try activating it on Steam? As far As I know, it would still need Uplay to play so… there is that. I repeat it’s for Uplay.

A second game is on Steam:

I think I actually gave away a code to the first game - Deponia, not sure… Anyway, good luck and have fun.

Now, for the EXTRAS. I have about 29 codes for some shovelware, there could be some hidden gems in there but I’m not going to check every game to verify them. So the question is this: How do I go about giving it away? I have the the names and the codes in the same text file, and I really don’t feel like going one by one. Maybe create a thread with all of them being posted? It would be the easiest thing to do but nobody would know what codes were used and which ones were not. Any suggestions?

I’ve found one extra code for some other game… Realms of the Haunting


First. I don’t want anything. Just wanted to win. Go to the next guy.


Well, here’s a post. What’s the catch?


what do you mean? Do you want a game? tell me witch one, that’s all.


Assassin’s Creed, I guess? It’s the only one I’ve heard of lol


Code has been sent to @del009
Two more games to go!
Any ideas on how to go about my little dilemma?


Do you still have Chaos on Deponia?


I’ll take realms of haunting


Alright then, @garratose got Chaos on Deponia, and @Archie_Mabin got Realms of the Haunting.
All the games have been given away but the question remains, how do I go about the other 29 codes? Any ideas?


Give them all to me? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll support this bid if you give a couple of them to me :wink:


Sold! HA! Now, do what you want with them!


Do you know what the codes were, or just had codes you were giving for free like a “get what you get” kinda deal?


My guess would be things like leftovers from bundles/humble bundles stuff.