End of Last Week to Now (Matchmaking times on Hunt)

Matches seem to overall take much longer than they did a week or so after release of Hunt 2.0. Is something going on with the servers? Will it be resolved soon?

I don’t really have a problem with it, if I have to wait over two minutes then I tend to restart the matchmaking.

I’d be perfectly fine with it if they added a small mini game but i can cope without. most i’ve ever waited was about 7 minutes.

Hrm, guys, was asking if there’s been a response on this by devs. I and others that have busy lives do have a problem with it.

Sometimes they are fast but yeah most times there ridiculously slow especially when you go Monster my god takes forever!!

The part where you control the giant Monster or the little people with guns is the minigame.

Just have your iPad nearby and game,that’s what i do go on Boom Beach or CoC lol