End of game performance numbers


I feel like including wildlife damage in the end of game weapon usage statistics is unnecessary. Personally I would like the numbers to reflect only the damage I have inflicted upon the monster so I can have a consistent measure of how much I’m contributing to the team’s progress, especially when I play assault. Some games you might be required to kill disruptive Sloths/Armadons/Nomads that happen to be in domes as well as any large Elite wildlife you see in public game play.


Interesting idea!


I usually split my damage. Like on Parnell, I rarely use shotgun on wildlife. I use the rocket on the wildlife, and use shotgun on monster. It helps to measure how much damage you deal. ~shrugs~

Would be nice to actually take out the wildlife damage, it’s not like we use it for anything. Well, I don’t…


I enjoy using the wildlife to pad my numbers though so it looks like I was the MVP every single time.


At the end of the game there are awards received for doing x amount of damage x amount of times to the monster, this allows you to roughly estimate how much damage you actually did to the monster and then subtract that from total damage and thats how much you did to wildlife.


Further on this topic, would anybody else love to see a pie chart at the end of each game that represented the damage contribution from the four hunters?


Yes to a certain extent. If the Trapper had a lot of harpoons or statis time and really low damage, then it evens out. Some people use trappers for dps and others excel greatly at crowd control. So if the damage for allies was shown, then I’d want the other data shown as well.