End game timer?


How does it works?

Its bullshit its stops whenever a fight or next to the generator.

At least it was counting when i hit a downed hunter 10 meters from generator.


It always stops when combat is initiated.


Once the 17 minute mark of the game arrives, a timer begins to countdown in the top left. Once there are 2 minutes left, any combat state pauses the game for 10 seconds.


It’s still 15s I believe. And it does stop at 40min no matter what. Both combat and attacking the relay stop the timer.


I remember Macman saying it was changed from 15 to 10 seconds with one of the recent patches.


It was the draft for the patch but that change didn’t go through.


Ah, didn’t know it was pulled :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I thought it was PC only until I just checked the notes.


It was after 40 min. The game lasted 40 min 16 s.

All these amazing rules…