End game map screen


I never thought about this until now, but what ever happened to the post game mini map that showed where everyone was throughout the match. That was always kind of fun to see the little dots chase the monster around the mini map. They must have removed it in Hunt 2.0 I think? Anyone know why the removed it?


It’s on Quick Play, it’s never been in Hunt :stuck_out_tongue:


i would love for it to be everywhere!

But problem is, sometimes the count down timer for next round is to fast for you to see the entire match


I would love to see it in hunt 2.0 while waiting for matchmaking for next game. :blush:


Are you sure? I could’ve swore before 2.0 dropped it was at the end of every hunt match. I could be remembering wrong though. But hunt was all I ever played and I was pretty sure I always saw it. Either way, I wish they could incorporate it in to hunt. It’s always fun to watch. I get the Benny Hill theme music going in my head when I watch it. lol.


Never been in ranked Hunt, that much I’m sure of :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember it being in hunt as well. Not in 2.0 but before that yeah. I remember being really excited when they finally added a FF/RW option lol


I knew I wasn’t crazy!!! It was in Hunt prior to 2.0.