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I was watching one of the recent videos on Evolve featuring the new Monster Kraken, and noticed that when the Hunters won the Kraken kind of just flopped to the ground. I thought it would be a cool idea to have a more exciting and extravagant ending, perhaps a little cinematic of the Kraken giving out one last roar and then crashing to the ground giving a loud boom. Maybe some ideas if the Monster won vs. the Hunters it could like show the Monster ripping one of them in half or something. Maybe even do multiple endings for every monster switching up the endings. Let me know what you guys think, or what some cool cinematic endings you guys can think of!

Evolve End Game Timer
Evolve End Game Timer
Evolve End Game Timer
Evolve End Game Timer

That’s a very cool idea


I won as Kraken by killing the hunter team, but it had a cutscene of the dam blowing up (don’t think that’s supposed to happen unless I destroyed the generator) so I would guess it’s a work in progress.


Well that is ultimately the goal of hunt; to destroy/defend the settlement. It follows that if the hunters are dead they can’t protect the generator from being destroyed.


That is meant to happen. I played as Goliath in Birmingham and when I killed all of the Hunters the generator blew up


yes i said this before the need cool win poses for monster and hunter team and also the monster should make a loud noise like a real giant hitting the floor it takes away a bit of the game when a screen just comes saying u won


I see this just being difficult as it couldn’t be a cinematic due to the Monster/Hunters could win the match ANYWHERE on the map. That would mean a cinematic having to be made in EVERY cave and tunnel and ledge… I think it would be easier to program in a set of commands for the survivors of whoever won. For the Monster I’d have them roar and beat their chest(Goliath) or release a lightning bolt(Kraken). Then for the Hunters, I’d have them do a type of cheer or happy dance(I can just see Hyde and Hank getting their groove on now) or them holding the monster’s head in front of a crowd of citizens?


After watching some of these Gamespot videos this week, where when the Kraken dies he just flops to the floor unceremoniously and then it smash cuts to the Hunter win screen, I really think TR needs to do something more at the end of a match. It’s so anti-climactic. They need something like at the end of a L4D campaign, where you get a brief cinematic of the Survivors riding away in a plane/boat/helicopter/car.

We know from E3 that when a monster wins there’s a shot of the base/generator being destroyed. I think for the hunters there should be a shot of the monster’s head getting mounted on the wall of their trophy room.


The cinematic would not have to be made in every tunnel or nook or part of the map.

Just have a stock ending in a specific area every time, and have it so that these victory animations can easily swap out hunter models.

For example, if the hunters kill Kraken on the generator map, the ending is an in engine cinematic where they all stand and pose on and around the monster’s corpse in victory.

The player 1 could be on the Kraken head giving a thumbs up, the P2 could be in front of the beast smiling and posing, and P3 could be at the feet sitting and cheering, and P4 could be climbing on to the monster from its back.

You could just rig the character models to be able to animate in any of those positions depending on what player they are.

So if Bucket is P1, he’s on the monsters head.

But if Hank is P1, he’s on the monsters head in the same position instead.

If they really wanted to go all out, they could have each hunter do a more unique action depending on which area they’re in.

So if Bucket was player one, being placed next to the head of the monster, if it was the Kraken he could do some kind of diagnostic scan on it’s head.

If it was Markov, he could shoot the head one last time with his tesla gun and laugh.

If Maggie was in the player 1 position, there could be an animation of Daisy lifting her leg up and peeing on the monster’s head or something.

Same positions, different actions.

It’s been done before. I cant think of where, but it has.

But that’s the complicated way.

The easy way would just to have the monster fall down in a more dramatic and impactful way, with a final roar, and a load thud and all that.

And if the monster wins, the player gets a few seconds to eat the corpses of the hunters, as a sort of victory bonus.


Would love to see this added


Lol…Daisy peeing on the monster. Awesome!


So I was lucky enough to be apart of the last beta. And I noticed that once either the hunter teams kills a monster or the monster kills the hunter team the game immediately cuts to the win screen. I wish and this would make the game even more epic if the winning side gets about 30 seconds to 1 minute to celebrate the win. For example if im the monster and I win the match give me a minute to eat the hunters and allow the dead hunters to spectate or me be able to pick up the bodies ans toss them. For the hunters when the monster dies allow me to do a orbital strike and explode the body and allow the dead monster player to watch. I know it seems petty and simple but it actually is a huge way to celebrate ur win sort of like bragging rights. What are ur thoughts devs and community??? I think this would greatly enhance the ending game play!!!


I dont want a cut scene as that would get boring and lame over time and repetative I want it so either winning side can manuever inside the game and do thinks for a minute almost like a victory dance so to speak thanks again ill find that thread and see how far it got thanks


In my personal Op why a cinematic??? Just give the players control for another minute th3 community will come up with better content than any cinematic could. Plus the cinematics would become annoying and dated after about 5 games or so. Think outside the box forget the cut scene and just let us play for about another minute. Simple the game takes care of itself no extra work required and everyone is happy turtle rock devs please consider this it is much needed. The abrupt cut to you win screen is depressing after an epic win need time to gloat and celebrate thats what gaming is all about!!! Please consider thanks


I definitely love your idea its very creative, I would definitely like to rub my victory in the opponents face, however it is achieved I don’t care really as long as there something to make the victory feel that much more satisfying. :slight_smile:


Thanks, yea it just feels cheap to end directly too win splash screen. Like the monsters body doesnt even finish the rag doll effects and then end so anti-climactic. Now is this a deal breaker for the game no. But would enhance the game and make it that much more epic in my opinion


I like how it’s right now. Is fast, and effective, and you don’t have to waste time for another game. An ending video seems cool, I can live with an ending video, but you will skip it after 30 matches. I personally prefer that the developers make more things like Hunters, Monsters, Maps… instead of “waste” time with an animation that at the end everybody will skip.
Just my honest oppinion, I respect the people who want a Victory video, and I can understand why, but I just see it like unnecesary thing.


Definitely I can see what you are saying. It also can become kind of annoying if people just want to get the quick victory and start another match but they have to sit there and watch the animation or whatever. I just hope it just becomes a little more epic I guess, don’t get me wrong it already feels so satisfying winning but maybe just a little addition of something that just makes it that much better.


You realize we want it to be like around 5 - 8 seconds right? Kind of like the end of a match in Dota 2 or League of Legends. Shows the nexus exploding or the ancient exploding and in League you can do your character’s emotes too while it plays.

Not saying it needs to be long but make it satisfying. Another good example is TRS previous game, L4D. The outro of a campaign showed the escape vehicle briefly fleeing the horde of zombies and then faded to “credits”. Was short and the credits could be skipped.

Nobody is suggesting a one minute epilogue to every match.


Or something à la monster hunter, like it was some months ago when Goliath had a little death animation…