End all slim balance idea

First post woot! Lol anywho, watching videos with high level slim players and reading all these debates has given me an idear.

Some monsters are receiving passives to balance out high and low level play. In certain cases I think it will work wonders for hunters as well and I have thought of one for slim. Although in his case, it will be a passive debuff. Follow me for a second here.

Slim has high sustain with players that can constantly hit their mark which is the root of all his OP’ness. He fits a burst heal, offensive role to me so I think his debuff should work as follows: as slim consistently hits his leech pellets, his insect buddies’ effectiveness at leeching health should begin to dwindle. This means, that over time slim recieves debuff stacks that make his heal burst take more pellets to recharge. Think opposite to bob’s stacks but for replenishing the heal burst. Instead of steady, high output of heals, it would now be high risk high reward as his heal potential drops off.

Low level players still get the high slim output heal. High level monsters now have the chance to “wear down” slim and then go in for the kill or strikes. Also makes sense cause slims kit is organic and it should tire. Opinions?

PS wrote real fast before work hope this makes sense


At first I thought you meant the healing drone. You might want to clarify that a little more.

I like the idea a lot btw! maybe buff up the heal other a little more but reduce in-cap healing as well.

where is it? you calling reduced healing output a reward?

I agree slim needs nerf but not in a way punishing players who can actually land their shoots

So basically like Lenny but in reverse? Eh no. I rather them just bring down his healing if they are going to nerf anything. Interesting idea tho!

Maybe this, it’s not a bad idea.
I’d say though if heals went down, they would need to start higher maybe 200 dropping to 100 but as heals go down damage goes up.
So heals start at 200 and damage around 6 per pellet after fully stacking heals do 100 but pellets damage for 12.
That way once his healing power goes down and ss a result so does a teammate damage increase compensates.
That way monsters have a chance and high level slims still get a reward

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Ya something along those lines. It would add more depth to him as a character and he’d play like an assault medic. That would be the high reward, high damage and healing initially, not reduced healing like someone was implying. The high risk would be his low sustainability for longer fights. Every medic has a weakness except for slim and it’s an interesting way to balance him and bridge the skill gap at the same time