Encountered sky wraith for the first time. What do? Need tips


I went up against a skywaith for the first time yesterday, and our team couldn’t deal damage to her. She just blasted above the trees and we couldn’t see her let alone deal damage.
I was playing Cabot (thankfully) and I couldn’t see past trees, and my dust tag couldn’t even land so i could see to shoot.

17 minutes in and she was still stage 2 dome running. We could dome her but she would get to the top of the dome and out of sight and we didn’t know what to do. Couldn’t hit or find her.
Spam decoy and pray it did enough damage to us.

finally just went to the relay to wait the timer and got decoy spam to stop the timer again. not really sure what to do about this kind of playstyle. So I’m asking you guys and girls, how do you defeat a sky wraith?


Traps, lots and lots of traps. Maggie or griffin works well.


But… shes in the sky. we had a griffin and she stayed out of poon range. She was really, really high.


At first sign of skywraith, go to the reactor, grab a beer, wait, and then profit. Most of them don’t know how to do it when they have to do more than just avoid damage.


I can assure you, griffins poon range is rather large. You probably just have a very poor trapper.


IIRC its about 40-50m right? She was much higher than that.

we would just ping the sky to try and get a red one to find her and when they landed they were closer to 70m

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It cant drag her out of the sky and she can snap it with one melee, I fail to see how the trappers skill has anything to do with that


Dome has a radius of 60m so Griffin can’t harpoon anything that is at the extremes of the dome if he’s in the middle. Griffins that dome on top of a spire make it even harder to grab a wraith or Kraken that’s decided to go very high.

But yeah, honestly… if you see a skywraith in play then you’re better off going buff hunting.


I haven’t encountered one yet, but I imagine abe would be good. idk, though. maybe crow, cabot, val to let cabot shoot up? or use hank’s orbital or hyde’s grenades to punish. idk, just putting ideas out there.


Can’t you just get on top of the highest platform and shoot at it? I play wraith a lot and have never floated around at the top of a dome.


Crow would do wonders with his stasis gun. Abe might be good as well with his grenades. Hyde would benefit because he can throw his grenade up there but the wraith isn’t staying in one spot…soo idk

I had a maggie with us when that happened and the harpoons grabbed her when she fell too low and pulled her down


Assuming hunt mode, kill all the buffs, then kill all the wildlife you can find, then at stage 3 go wait at a nice relay-adjacent fighting spot. Hopefully you’ve got Maggie and/or Markov and/or Bucket and can just focus on dodging everything and laying on damage. Skywraith player will then ragequit at least half of the time, in my experience. They’re the one on the timer, so you can just wait it out and be careful.


I mean yes, you can but you end up being a high priority for abduct which starts the combo. But even then most players who use this strategy don’t just stay in the same general area in the sky. They can move left and right with a traversal buff.

CC is just really important like Harpoons and Tranq darts. When Wraith comes down with a Warp Blast, you have to hit her very hard because that is where the bulk of your damage is going to come from.


Have your assault shoot her with his secondary. Alternatively don’t shoot it so it can’t recover bursts fast enough to stay up there. WHen it comes down poon it and damage.

Also the Wraith cant hurt you if it’s up there so you’re winning the time game.


I have never used the skywraith style of fighting. I just tried a test game vs some bots.

S1 1 warp blast, 2 decoy.
S2 2 warp blast, 1 decoy.

By the time Decoy expired I was down on the ground. The griffin bot could easily harpoon me, if there is a Maggie I would fall into range of any harpoon traps set up off the ground. If the wraith is up in the air its not going to be doing much damage. If it abducts while straight up it might get 1 swing before the hunter falls to the ground but the hunter falls to the ground just as fast as the wraith does.

So in short the wraith is doing a lot less damage and doesn’t seem to mitigate that much damage in exchange for flying warping around in the air doing nothing. It is nothing like Kraken’s damage avoidance.


what about a good abductor? he could have a nice time with the right range, especially in reactors like the one in Medlab (IIRC), Aviary or Wraith Trap, which are in the open.


Maggie > sky wraith


There’s not much you can do mate, sorry. Only hope is to fight at the relay, where it has no choice but to take the fight to you guys or face losing by time default.


Try this Sky Wraith build. It uses no decoys at all.

Traversal stamina perk pre game
S1: 2 Warp Blast 1 Abduction
S2: 3 Warp Blast 3 Abduction
S3: 3 Warp Blast 3 Abduction 3 Supernova

In battle, dash straight up twice and hold abduct to make sure you find a good target and get some accuracy on it. After you grab the target melee once and then warp blast them where they fall / jetpack boost. If you miss the abduct, dash left or right, maybe up to buy some time. Look for targets on the ground to warp blast (usually groups). Then when you have more traversals, just go up and repeat. Supernova is used to capitalize on group Warp Blasts. Try to engage once or twice before stage 3 to get some strikes on the hunters.


You seem like you play sky wraith regularly. What are some things that hunters do that annoy you the most or are the most effective against you?