EnChroma Glasses: Color for the Colorblind

Videos have been popping up all over YouTube this year that are capturing people seeing colors as most of use see them, for the first time. It’s very humbling to watch some of these.


This guy has an amazing friend that bought a pair for him on his birthday. It’s even greater that he doesn’t tell him what they are; he just thinks they’re regular sunglasses at first.

Or this guy who gets to see the color of his children’s eyes for the first time

In case you don’t really understand what it’s like, Buzzfeed made this video:


My buddy is color-blind, sending that link to him now!

It’s really amazing to see how far we are getting in the field of vision (pun not intended).

I had a friend in college who would always have to have me check over his animated senior thesis to make sure the colors were correct. I sent him the link cause it’s pretty important when you work in the visual arts.


This is really cool…linking my color blind friend and uncle!

This is marvelous! I will have to do some reading on how this works. I know a few people who could use such a thing, and the technological aspect is fascinating!

I’m gonna be digging into the info, too.
Someone says, “Hey, I have a great idea! Let’s make a pair of glasses for colorblind people so they can experience all the colors in the light spectrum, too.”

Then what? That’s about as far as I’d make it because I have no idea how you’d even start, but I guess that’s why I’m not a scientist or engineer lol

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The technology was actually discovered by accident. A colorblind person put on a friend’s laser shielding glasses because he forgot his sunglasses, and quickly realized he could distinguish orange cones on a grassy field from a distance. They then refined the technology specifically for colorblind people.


Next is giving vision to the blind and they are already working on such things. :smile_cat:

On YT i hv See a Video of a Glasses for blind ppl . The blind gurl has see the World and her Baby 4 the First time WOW its just Amazing what ppl can make welcome to the future

This is very cool, I’ll like to try it one day. Though I just see purples less efficiently than what I believe normal people do.

This is what it’s going to be like to see Heaven.

Are you color blind??

No, I’m just trying to imagine this, and I imagine Heaven to look like something we can’t really fathom, with colors far more intense than what’s on Earth. Sorry, just how I relate this situation in my own mind, what these people are seeing for the first time. You can just feel the awesomeness!

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Ahhh ok, I was about to be even more impressed with your artwork!!


Imagine contacts for the colorblind.

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There was a muralist I was very impressed with who painted a colorful mural in my high school. He was colorblind. All of his bottles were marked special. It was amazing what he did with color without being able to see it. I can’t imagine what he would feel to see something he painted wearing these glasses, now in full color!

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