Enabling Parties during match gameplay kicking me evolve (PS4)


Seems I just started getting this bug today never had a problem before except for previous bugs by turtle rock, but never this I just sign in to the game start a match and boom within few min im kicked or enabling parties comes up and I get kicked… I dont know if its psn or evolves servers or code. But something is wrong! I had no problems the night before or the last few times I played. I thought they worked out all the bugs guess more come with each dlc or new added character. and stick around for months…


Easy now, no game is always bug-free. As for the bug, when do you get kicked? When you are in a party, or when joining a party?


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I edited the title to include your platform.

What’s your internet speed? This could effect your connection.


Its completely random as far as I know. I was kicked before joining a party and Kicked while in a party. I was also kicked half way through a game. No lag mind you and the enabling parties message came up every time just about. I started one game walked few hundred yards ate few snacks while watching some friends and kicked again… except no message the last time. I still had to enable parties though caused I got kicked from evolve and had to re sign in. This is ps4 too.


Internet Speed is Nat type 1 Download speed 18.8mbs Up load speed of 1.5 mbs.


How close are you to your router? Are you using an Ethernet cable?


My friend and I have been experiencing this problem as well. We have been playing quick play and as soon as the match starts we both get DC. Then it says we have no network connection so if we crash the game it works fine for a match or two then repeats . I figured they may be working on the servers today. Hopefully it won’t continue


All Hard wired and its right next to the console. Never had an issue before with connection with this game besides when it has issues. I’ve have had countless techs out at my house and this is the best connection I can receive in my area sadly. But I should still have no major issues like this because of my setup. Psn was acting funny today so could be psn could be evolve Im not sure I just want this bug to be presently known. Cause as of now I’m not thrilled to come back and play 8 mins of gameplay then get kicked where I can play all my other games fine right now with no
issues online. Bloodborne coop fine, Gta 5 online fine, Rainbow Seige fine, Last of us fine connection too on multiplayer. Evolve is only thing ive really experienced issues with today cause I have done my own trouble shooting.