Emoticon party!


Continuing the discussion from Lazarus discussion:

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:fist: :poop: :fist:
:no_good: :toilet: :rage: = :poop: :poop: :poop:
LOLOL ahahahahaha

Ok people time to have some fun. tell a joke, share a story. only using the new and improved emotes.

@eidolon showed me how to make them. Use : followed by a single letter to view the list of emoticons. see how many you can find. or if we can get a list…thatd be great. lol.



:woman: :busstop: :arrow_right: :cloud: :cloud: :cloud: :arrow_right: :droplet: :cloud: :droplet: :arrow_right: :busstop: :sweat_drops: :woman: :unamused:

:sweat_drops: :woman: :busstop: :walking: :man: :arrow_right: :sweat_drops: :woman: :busstop: :sweat_drops: :man: :arrow_right: :sweat_drops: :woman: :busstop: :man: :umbrella:

:sweat_drops: :woman: :busstop: :eyes: :man: :umbrella: :arrow_right: :walking: :arrow_right: :sweat_drops: :woman: :man: :umbrella: :busstop: :arrow_right: :woman: :umbrella: :man: :busstop: :arrow_right: :woman: :sweat_smile:

I’m going to edit and continue this little story later! I do quite love writing even in unexpected forms like this ^_^. Oh and the little red white and blue thing is a bus stop by the way. It looked a little weird so I thought I’d let you guys know XD.


Oh good, I thought it was a lollipop! xD


It was the only thing I could find and it was even called “busstop” XD maybe I can find something else… I shall check!

Edit - I found nothing. Oh but hey, here’s a volcano :volcano: and a goblin :japanese_goblin: because why not?


I like those rage emoticons :rage1: :rage2: :rage3: :rage4:


Gotta love the Doom Marine!


Gotta do some Evolve match story! :stuck_out_tongue:


:ox: :kimono: :japanese_goblin: :gemini: :hankey:




:wink: :blush: :smiley:


:couple_with_heart: :wine_glass: :wine_glass: :heart_decoration: :hear_no_evil: :clock12: :clock730: :tired_face: