Emigrating in about a year, anyone got any tips?


Bit of a totally random topic I know but I love the community here so I thought, why the heck not, get that bad boy posted! ^3^

Anyways, I’m planning on Emigrating next year to be with my girlfriend, we’re planning on living in Colorado because it seems suitable for us and not too far from her family.
One thing that’s most worrying me is getting my things over there, e.g. my pc, hard drives, dvds, consoles, etc (basically nerd stuff I know).

But there’s a lotta areas I need tips on, so any ya’ got would be helpful! :blush:


Sounds scary. I don’t know anything about moving that far or about Chicago, but I wish you good luck!


Huh, where ya from? I moved to Sweden from England about hmmm… 2 and a half years ago? I couldn’t really halp much with the whole moving PC over there and such, since I just took my laptop and my clothes and… important things. We had to go through some papers with migration board and such, I’m not sure how different it is in the US or something.


…Not sure if my post is relevant at all. >_>


I’m British! :blush:
and I don’t enjoy drinking tea

Oh, a laptop, that could help actually, were you allowed to take it on the plane or what? =o

because I know I can ship things across but I was wondering what is allowed to come with me on the plane or in my luggage =o


I -hate- tea.


As for taking the laptop, yep, I could take it as hand luggage, however since EasyJet are… weird, I could only take that as handluggage, the rest had to go in a suitcase!


You can take a laptop as part of your carry on. you can put it in a backpack along with other devices.


Oh rad, so I assume things like external hard drives would be permitted if declared also?
I’d want some way of backing all my stuff up before I shipped my pc =o


Probably, I wouldn’t know but I would assume so.


I would assume you’d be in the clear with that, considering you can take all sorts of technological things, I highly doubt an external harddrive would be an issue, though if you’re paranoid you can always put the stuff on a laptop :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah I worried about a hard drive coz they might think I was carrying a bomb or something, and I’m quite the worrier so I’d be all sweaty and panicky and LOOK like I did have a bomb from fearing that they may think that XD
or they may take me to one side to check it for “explicit adult content” or something… I’d probably invoke a panic attack on anyone who set near me on a plane come to think… XD


Ugh, I was always so chill about moving country… Until the day came.
Like I used to be chill when I went over for vacations and such to see my boyfriend but when I went to the airport to move- I was so nervous that, ick… I kinda puked from nerves xD
My dad was like
"What are you doing? >:l"
“Throwing up -_-”

But yeah. You could wrap it in a sweater or something in your suitcase so it doesn’t get damaged if you don’t feel like taking it on board :smiley:


Hey @PreePhoenix . I recently moved from New Zealand back to Australia and went through the same thing. I also work in the International Container Freight industry which helps. Seeing as you are talking about big things like your PC, consoles, etc, I’m assuming that you are going to get it shipped by sea in a freight container?

First, if you are shipping your gear by sea make sure you tack on some insurance to your consignment as its not uncommon for containers to disappear at sea if they go through rough weather and yours is the unfortunate box on the outer top deck stowage position.There are different types so read the fine print when you decide which is more suitable for electronic goods, etc.

Also, assuming you are going through a removal / freight company then you can actually ask them which carriers they use for sea freight. Some have got better reputations than others (I shipped mine with Maersk) but they also have different freight rates, so no harm in checking with your freight company. You can Google the Top Ten Largest Shipping Lines to get an idea if you need to. We had another Line’s container ship run aground a few years back, and the condition of their boxes is not great in New Zealand either, so when I found out my freight company was going to go with them I had them change it.

No matter who you go with though, containers being moved around are big and heavy, and are carried around by machines that are even bigger and heavier. If you’re doing a big move then get your removalists to do a full Export pack, which takes the liability off you if anything breaks. I also took out all my internal Hard Drives and brought them with me on the plane along with my external drives and Ipad, rather than leave them in my tower while it was being shipped. That was a personal choice but they came over just fine. X-ray scanners didn’t bother them at all and my data was fine.

One last thing, generally what happens is that the Exporter (you) will have to pay certain fees to get it to the Terminal and on board ship, which will be covered by your payment to the freight company. In this case you are also the Importer as well, which means that there will probably be fees on the other end too for clearing customs and delivery to an address / storage. Make sure you ask and find out what these fees are in advance so you don’t get a surprise later on.

Any other questions, feel free to ask! :grin:


take your rig outside and throw it as hard as you can. If it makes it to Colorado you win. If it doesn’t make it, pick it up and throw harder, or get buff and keep trying.


I don’t think-




wowee! thanks for the reply, that is extremely helpful and taken a lot off my mind! :blush:
Thank you!


Any time. :wink:

Moving overseas with lots of gear is not something we do every day, so it can be a bit daunting.


Tea is ew. I like a good coffee but tea is ew.