Emet's Stats


So, what Thunderchild says about this Ragnarök shoved up Armageddon’s ass? Any numbers, because his WLR is pretty wild considering he is the hardest medic.


da fuq?

Is this what you want?


No. But I do appreciate them anyway.


Do you want like what the average player gets for damage and healing done in a match?


Yes, this kind of stuff.


  • Highest damage dealing medic at 3,387 damage on average per round
  • 4th most selected medic with a 14.9% pick rate
  • 2nd to last medic in terms of healing, right above Lazarus
  • 51.5% winrate with EMET on your team
  • Most common perk selected by EMET players is Jetpack Recharge (with Quick Reload not too far behind)
  • Highest team strikes on average compared to other medics
  • Highest team deaths on average compared to other medics (nearly the same as Lazarus)


What winrate have other medics?


I wish he was used more in ranked.


I play a mean Emet.

—[quote=“mizx, post:6, topic:86014”]
2nd to last medic in terms of healing, right above Lazarus

Might wanna look at the images I provided. Unless Laz can get 30k healing, I see Emet as a stronger medic than every other medic.

He has the respawn powers,
He has the multiple player-healing ability,
He can heal players from any distance away,
He has fully automatic weapon,
He is funny,
He is love,
He is life.

Then again, I’ve been medic since Release and I could just be more skilled than I considered myself to be…

Oh my god, this makes me cry.


I didn’t mention it but I was filtering hunt only games. 4/5 of the screenshots you linked look like arena which should yield more heals (no hunting, just fighting and healing the whole time). It would be interesting to see the difference in heals between arena and hunt though! I’ll post something if it looks interesting when I get home.

I also want to mention that the post round stats screen is (currently) completely unrelated to Thunderchild (our telemetry system). I have no clue what system they are a part of, but it’s definitely not Thunderchild.

We also recently implemented healing breakdowns so we know how much healing is coming from each source. For example, how much E.M.E.T’s heal burst is healing versus his buoy burst or passive heals. This will be in our summer update, along with many other cool new telemetry stuffs!



Damage numbers

Can we get true hunters number against monsters only . Vice versa

Wild life damage should not be calculated and doesn’t provide a good estimate to how good a character is


@XplosionIncorporated In hunt, EMET is the 2nd to last medic in terms of healing medic at 14,936 total heals on average (last 2 weeks, hunt only). In Arena, EMET is the 2nd highest healing medic at 20,646 total heals on average (last 2 weeks, arena only).

@Lmk Any damage numbers that have been posted were “damage dealt to the monster/hunters” only. We track damage dealt to wildlife but it’s not currently used in our telemetry UI for anything at the moment. I’ll post a fresh screenshot of damage numbers when I have some free time :slight_smile:


Global average / our performance does only calculate damage done to monster & hunters ?

I doubt it . Sometimes I can reach 50k damage . Some matches 2 k . It doesn’t make any sense to have these numbers


I get anywhere from 20-35k on hunt. Games are around 10-20 minutes long.

I thought I posted more hunt shots but I dunno if upload worked or I just missed posting them. I’m on my fone and can’t add them now.

If you want to see them now, I believe I have some in my steam profile, unless I didn’t upload them. Steam name is my forum name. I’ll try and upload a few hung pics tomorrow.


The numbers we see and the numbers they see are different.
We see the old system that includes the 2.
Theirs separates it.


Global averages are not related to telemetry. That’s a whole different system I don’t know about.

Don’t worry about screenshots, I believe you :slight_smile: It’s also worth noting the average round time is just shy of 10 minutes last time I checked. If you have a 20 minute long game, your healing numbers should be above average (double-ish on average?), since your game lasted twice as long compared to average.


Does the heal burst factor in with Val/Laz/Caira/Slim ?

I’m positive Emet’s HB is calculated in, but if Caira/Slim HB are factored in, I can see why Emet is at the back of the pack. Val, not so much, since she is good for healing 1 player at a time.

That’s why I was a little confused why Emet was 2nd from the bottom in terms of healing. He can heal multiple hunters whereas Val can’t.




I meant to say hunt*


That explains it

Will global average / performance be changed ? To include real values between monsters & hunters