EMET's rockets create knockback against Monsters in freefall state



Goliath while falling, even from a small ledge.

Kraken and EK while freefalling if traversal is run out and connecting with level geometry (puts Monster in freefall).

Berb while fall/rolling off ledges.

Monsters in freefall are “knocked back” by EMET’s rockets, causing monster to float in the air and lose movement control.

No video at this time.

However, other users are reporting this bug as well:


The stun and push back effects Elder Kraken even when he’s on the ground, and not just when he’s in the air or falling.


Sunnys Nuke does a knock back even while standing. Pretty sure knockback from explosions is intended.


I’ve noticed this too when playing Gorgon vs Emet.

While knockback is intended this is an annoying form of Crowd Control and I don’t much care for it.

But it doesn’t matter to me if they keep or remove it since I’ll be maining Wraith in the new patch (provided she meets my standards).