Emet's respawn beacon: Press B to spawn at beacon for incapped players


Similar to ‘Press B to respawn on dropship’, incapped players can choose to respawn at beacon.


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That would be more useful, but it’d also remove a lot of EMET’s counterplay. Currently you can take steps against the respawn beacon as a monster like not killing incapped hunters or not incapping live hunters right away, but saving them for later. A lot of those would be taken away if Incapped hunters could choose to be respawned or not.

Also, hunters being able to choose whether or not to respawn instead of being forced to (would be the only other option aside from Hunters can choose and Hunters don’t respawn at beacon) gives a lot of power to the hunters. A markov who is incapped and shielded next to a healing buoy can choose to take a risk that may pay off in a sooner respawn or to respawn with the Beacon has more potential pressure than one who is forced into either decision. The respawn beacon is instant once the timer runs out and leaves you ready to fight instantly (unlike the dropship whose drop time you can abuse), but unlike the dropship timer, it’ll usually throw you a ways away from the fight.

Reading this, it sounds a lot like an argument against EMET, but it’s just some things to point out from the perspective of the competitor. EMET doesn’t seem as much like a punisher as he does a recoverer to me though, and a change like this could change that easy if a monster gets domed with EMET and the beacon outside said dome.


Besides letting us place it pre-emptively, this is the kind of small buff Emet needs


This can happen either way. Just like Laz, outside the dome effectively removes active healing during combat. That’s a very poor trade off in most cases with Emet.

The situation for this suggestion doesn’t arise too often, but when it does, it’s feels very silly that someone that is clearly dying could not arrive with the rest of the team.


It doesn’t leech through the edge of the dome like Laz’s HB?


Not a good idea. As was stated above, when I’m playing monster against Emet and kill a Hunter, I incap others and don’t kill them outright so they miss the beacon respawn.


God no, that make him op. It’s not easy to down good players. “Monster”


How would you want to see that be implemented, though?

If they just make it possible to place that Beacon down whenever EMET wishes then even a 10 minute cooldown on it wouldn’t make it balanced anymore.

EMET, despite his shit healing output, should not have the power to single-handedly force the Monster away from a fight to destroy the Respawn Beacon before he even downed anyone yet.
What else is the Monster gonna do? Down someone anyway? Time it well with EMET and your teammate got himself an instant respawn.
Not kill anyone until the Respawn Beacon is done and so doesn’t bring anyone back? Might as well just have destroyed it for shits and giggles then. It’s counter-intuitive as hell.

I’m genuinely curious as to how you would like to see the ability to place it before someone is dead. Whenever he wishes? Whenever someone is incapped? (wouldn’t matter so much anymore if teammates could press B to force a respawn)

Me too, and I think that’s what is so odd about EMET. His counterplay is a tad strange and might not be particularly obvious to casual players and even then it’s super counter-intuitive.

Perhaps he requires more than a little buff.
It definitely feels weird as a Monster when I kill one guy, notice the Respawn Beacon and instead of going after it, just dick around a bit with the other Hunters, spreading out my damage without killing them.
The only difference this suggested thread would bring is that I wouldn’t even be downing them.

But considering the distance EMET needs to traverse before he can safely deploy the Respawn Beacon and his generally low healing output on his own even against camping Monsters would mean EMET can’t ever save the Hunters that I then kill while the resurrected Hunter is a fair distance away and EMET is somewhere in the middle.

All he does is stall and in return I collect strikes on pretty much every single one of his teammates.
Not a particularly fair trade if you ask me, since EMET is a simple healer who can’t possibly hope to keep Hunters with 2 strikes alive.
Bringing only 1 Hunter back alive (if I use this tactic) once every long while does not outweigh that.


I hate that beacon. It’s below trash vs any monster with a half-functioning brain cell. Too easy to nuke, too easy to find, requires the Medic to GTFO to place it anywhere out of sight, making Medic useless when he goes to do it, and even in a 2-man-standing split flee, only shows where Medic ran off to exactly, and lets you stalk the other survivor and go for the kill JUST after the beacon goes off.

The thing is more trouble than it’s worth in almost every situation. If it wasn’t for AI, I doubt much of anyone would have poor EMET’s masteries done by now. It needs some sort of buff. I won’t argue against you that the OP’s idea isn’t THE one to do, but I will vouch for it being a glorified empty equipment slot in its current state, and just about anything for it would help it.

On the plus side, it’s an A+ vs AI Monsters, who all but refuse to target it even if it’s right under their nose. Yay? :smiley:


Pre-emptively is a completely different thing. This is simply requesting that if a player is incapped and the recon beacon is within 5 seconds or so, they can press B to spawn there.

It’s a fairly rare thing anyway, both with the incapped player situation and getting a successful beacon. It’s just a situation where Emet has to play to his strengths and abandon a fight, and the incapped hunter gets stiffed because of a few seconds.

The beacon isn’t that great, but Emet’s healing is pretty great. I do 4k a minute, which is more than I can do with any other medic in the game.


The whole point of the beacon is that it brings back dead hunters. Doing so would just allow downed hunters to teleport to wherever the beacon is and respawn immediately.


The beacon isn’t successful often. There’s 30 seconds for the monster to destroy it, and having a chance would require Emet to be decently far away.

I don’t see it as something that could be exploited.


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