Emet's respawn beacon change?


So I was kind of sad how they didn’t make any changes to the respawn beacon :confused: is there any information whether they will be making changes to it in the next patch?


As far as I know there isn’t. What changes were you hoping for?


Not sure, at this point anything to make it viable. It has no health and its way to easy to spot and takes too long to bring back hunters. Its more of a distraction beacon than anything…


Said on here before i believe,i’d rather the RB be able to place it down even before anyone’s been killed because generally against good/smart monster players as soon as 1 hunter goes K.I.A and you have Emet you just track him and it’s GG


Why not have it remove a single strike from any hunter it brings back? Optionally at the cost of a lengthy lengthy reload or return time (like 45s) therefore a good EMET team would be able to use like pseudo-Laz, especially since Laz is losing his after-death no strikes ability. Would still let monster get strikes on a team, but allow hunters to remove them at the cost of a risky callback


Idk, I like it the way it is now.

Partnered with a good Kala, it’s devastating. Assuming the team is smart, there are 2 people left, EMET places the beacon and books one way after teleporting at least 150m away from the other Hunter. EMET scatters so now the Monster has 3 potential targets, one they can clearly see, 2 they cannot. By the time they get to the Beacon and kill it, the other Hunters are in the wind.


I think that was kind of what he was getting at, that the Beacon serves more use as a distraction than it does for its intended use.


I agree with this. I’d like to see increased to ~500 hp (up from 300), with a ~60 second cooldown (down from 75).


There lies the problem for me with Emet,he’s only really good with Kala,granted he can be good without her but that’s because the monster’s not very good.


His healing is good enough they you shouldn’t really have to worry about the Beacon. You can use the same strat I outlined with any team comp, however it’s optimal with Kala. A good Sunny can launch EMET and cloak away and while EMET can’t go as far as being teleported, it can still work as a distraction, especially if Sunny gets far enough away.


hmm his healing is nice but I would like to see maybe a 1 second arm time on his healing buoys instead of…3? I think it is.


Not really, a Emet team that runs damage resistance/health regen literally crushes Gorgon right now. You shouldn’t even need shields if your pretty decent at shielding. Emet is more like old Lazarus, in that he is only really viable IF the whole team dedicates to damage resistance/avoidance, an early stage 1 engage of the monster and a team comp that focuses on either all out attack or a team where each individual can take care of themselves. He is also makes downed hunters pretty hard to kill

@Xelaris96 The healing is so soft it may as well be immediate… It really isn’t incredibly hard to focus through that little bit of healing


Agreed, not to mention when you are fighting a kraken, he could destroy all three before the passive ability even starts.


its 2sec

emet in my opinion acts more like a damage-buffer style medic. in combat, his healing acts like a buffer, reducing damage by 30hp/sec. but when someone isnt in combat/focused, that 30sec regen adds up.

he’s great with incaps too. haha


I don’t know that is emet’s win ratio in ranked he isn’t that bad. I think he can work well in ranked play I know my team has used him well in silver ranked games.


His general telemetry looks really interesting but we really have know idea what could be causing that high number cause right now I think he’s a very monster/comp based choice and that data could be skewed with a disproportionate amount of people choosing Gorgon and Kala based teams.


Well this is true so other than this data I can only speak to how my team has played him. We don’t take Kala that much we aren’t really that huge of fans of her. We do alright with Emet in Silver but we take Hank or Sunny when we run him. also we do okay on most monsters other than Bob he seems to be annoying for Emet.


Do you guys usually run specific perks or just boss-kite monsters?

genuinely interested


i let the rest of my team run whatever perks they want and i usually do movement speed or JPR to kite


With emet I like for the medic and support to take health regen (emet can take movement if he wants as well), so if we need to maybe turn invisible and sneak out if something happens we can. The assault and trapper can take what they want because between boosts and healing they are most of the time fine. But really health regen helps for the support so he can hide and heal on his own, so the support doesn’t always have to sit where I throw my stuff down. And then we just watch each other between boosts and shields with Eemets pretty good healing we seem to do okay. The monster will try to focus the medic or support and I put my healing in an area that we can run around hide need be while the assault and trapper slow and damage the monster. It works alright I have had some really good games with Emet.