Emet's Respawn Beacon...bug?


Tl;Dr- If emet is the last one alive, dies, but managed to plant the beacon, should the game still end or should the beacon spawn the team again?

So I was playing Emet with a few friends in a bot game and something odd happened. Everyone was dead except for me, I managed to escape before I could get dunked by Goliath. I find a good spot to plant the beacon, and try to stay in a good position. Goliath comes up from behind and kills me. The game ends two seconds before respawn, and I assure you he wasn’t able to destroy it in time. I assumed if I had died, we would just respawn at the beacon and my team would be safe. Not sure if it’s a bug when the beacon is up and the game still ends when we die, or if it’s intentional.


Interesting question. What do you think, @GentlemanSquirl?


Afaik, respawn beacon just works as if the dropship timer is shortened, someone has to be on the planet and not incapped/dead for them to come back in, I don’t think it’s a bug.


Game ends. No boots on the ground monster win


Just played another match like the one posted. This time the respawn timer was at 00:00. I died, but the monster was considered the winner even though you could see all the hunters spawned in at the death screen. Would it be possible to have the beacon act as an entity like Daisy where if she’s up, the game isn’t over for the last few seconds of the beacon’s timer?