Emets Face


Did he change his face in a match ?
I cant see it because i must plasma-lance the Monster lol but i still want to know it :stuck_out_tongue:

And did he use his Medic face ?


Are you asking if he DOES change his face? If so, then yes. His face changes during matches :grin:


That’s a good question. I have not yet seen the medic face.


I am all the faces! RAWWRRRGGHGHG!


His medic face is when he’s picking incapped players up.
His screwed up (static) face is when he is incapped.
His angry face is on dropship
And I think his neutral face is on the ground?


Perhaps when he is also yelling when he is walking around.


in my first match, I heard him yell "someone help me kill this fucking thing!"
so, I can confirm that he puts on angry face on ground as well.


But didya see it?


it isn’t much to know who said it, mainly because regular emet is a nice guy.


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