EMET's Beacon Possible Rework? (Suggestion)


Just throwing an idea out there; So currently, EMET’s beacon is non-viable until about halfway through any match (After a few hunters have gone down), but, the Hunters can roach so effectively once downed that they are pretty darn hard to kill outright.

So, I got to thinking. What was EMET built for?
Basically, his job is to assist in evacuating any civilians that are wounded and get them to a ship. If there was a threat, though, they would need to be able to pull it off a wounded civilian. I thought, huh! Now, if we had like, 100 of those for each colony, then they’d STILL have a hard time evacuating everyone from large-scale threats. So, a thought for EMET’s beacon came to me;

As a possible idea, or later Adaptation, what if EMET’s beacon let out a Regeneryst Blast that brought back up any downed hunters? Still would have the 20 second timer, still remains the same and everything, but now, it can be put down immediately after someone gets downed, which allows the monster a choice; Continue bodycamping the downed hunter, or go after the Beacon, thus allowing EMET to get either one teammate up, or all of them. Beacon cooldown could be greatly increased to compensate

#TL;DR - Allow EMET’s beacon to revive incapped hunters, at the cost of a greater cooldown time.

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I like it, but see that it can be toxic! Kinda like Laz you know


EMET healing is one of the worst among the medics.


Well, the thing is, EMET’s beacon could have around a 3-5 min cooldown - not a spammable ability, ya know? :smile: I totally understand the toxicity, but his beacon really needs some love :sweat_smile:


We already know how it needs to be reworked. The majority agreed to it. No need to come up with more ideas.

(I’m an asshole, I know.)


I don’t understand. It does revive incapped hunters. Unless it changed in Stage 2.

You just can’t put it down till some one is dead. So I could see that change.


The re-spawn beacon is fine as is. I always was wondering if it could be placed during the incapped stage but then it takes away from the whole point of it.