Emet's Beacon: Is the timer too long?


Very rare will the monster ever not take down the Beacon within it’s 30 second timer. Should the countdown have a slight reduction to 20 or 25 seconds? Any thoughts?


Well the whole respawn system is being changed in the next title update, so maybe they have a plan for it? It’s rarely used now and with the next update it will make it even less reliable with the know changes in my opinion.


What Rossowns said. I would’ve said that it should be changed to 25/20 seconds, but with the huge TU09 changes coming just wait and see how it plays then.


With the respawn changes it’ll be useless around stage one and two fights; then again if you got several strikes against a stage one monster or early stage two you probably deserve that loss anyway. However once the respawn timer increases during the course of the game, EMET will grow in viability if the team can dish out enough damage before the first hunter goes down.

If the first hunter goes down and the monster still has a lot of armor, it won’t be because EMET’s respawn beacon is terrible. Should the medic in this case place the beacon, it’s still not a balancing issue with the beacon that needs to be addressed. It’s the way the tool is being used that is incorrect.

The player should always use that beacon after the monster has lost all of its armor and force it to make a conscious decision about whether he wants to kill that beacon and lose health points, or let the hunters respawn and get armored up instead; as a monster player the latter option is preferable in early to mid game, while the former will become a necessity in late game.


What respawn changed system?


Respawn times are longer the more hunters get downed and the later stage the monster is.


It needs to be shorter, because even bad Monsters will see it and break it.

Without ever using it, it is a total waste of an ability slot!


Maybe I am wrong, but aren’t devs planning to change it for TU9?


yea, please make it shorter… Its basically useless right now