Emet's a poor man's Rogue Val


When you think about it Rogue Val is better than E.M.E.T and she was free too!

Let’s just say I love E.M.E.T as a character really funny but as a medic let’s say very sub par.First of all his healing buoys are just like RV’s healing field (constant health regen) but why I believe RV is better is because she has a multiple healing gun and a poison dart whereas E.M.E.T just has a gimmicky respawn beacon that don’t work against good monsters.

What’s everyone’s view on E.M.E.T vs Rogue Val as healers? I think RV is miles better

Edit:-Also RV’s self heal is a absolute god send!


If I wanted to play a passive healing medic, I’d choose Rogue Val at the moment, I’m hoping Emet will see some love on the respawn beacon front.


From my experience Emet is better then rogue val (IMO) his passive feels better and he can deal with burst damage better then she can .


I would think that’s natural given Rogue Val is a DoT based medic…combatively speaking, anyways.


Actually Rogue Val is a poor man’s EMET.
RV was free. :stuck_out_tongue:


Emet is way better … More dmg + more healing for the team

Rogue val has a 35 range on her medic gun while emet can heal burst from the healing bouy … Doesn’t have to be close

Team has to be very close from rogue val to get a team healing which will lead to a higher risk

Rogue val healing only affect her

Rogue val healing per second for her medic gun is not good enough

Emet has a 12 second heal burst cool down … Val has higher than that


Nah, man, Emet is much better.
Rouge Val can only passive heal and chain heal a weak MedGun. Her heal burst only helps herself. Infact, it hurts the rest of team as it takes away her passive healing until it regenerates. Her poison dart gun does damage over time and shows the monster. However, they’re still not as good as Val’s Tranqs. Her gun is purely for damage. It doesn’t help out the team at all.

Emet can throw down healing buoys so that he can passively heal you across the map, potentially. His buoys also give off a strong healing burst. So just throw one down and POOF! Healing! Not to mention his respawn beacon can bring people back from the dead. Though, the repsawn beacon isn’t that good. (I’ll admit I never use ti, anyway. ;)) In addition, his tracking missiles do a lot of damage and follow the monster. This can help show the direction the monster is moving if the monster tries to get away.



Emet’s healing buoys are superb. At the very least, they can be very good with the right hands


I like Emet much better. His buoys are really good in the right hands, and the respawn beacons has amazing utility.

Apparently everyone here agrees with me :smiley_cat:


EMET is a long range R.Val. R.Val needs to be close to the action, EMET doesn’t. 2 different playstyles. Someone goes down, throw a buey and run. The monster chases you and you get the revive up. If it goes back to the body you can stall for body camping. I think too many people directly compare X or Y when playstyle is WAY more important than hard numbers.


I’d pick Rogue Val over Emet, his damage is most likely getting nerfed, his healing requires set up time and awareness of where your team is at while RV can heal whenever with her Chain Med-Gun and her presence provides passive healing automatically.

I’d like to see Emet used against a really high skilled Monster Player, though. So far I don’t see Emet being reliable against Silver 3 or higher Monsters.


Yes please!! My robot needs love! :heart:


EMET is better IMO. He can have mad range with his Passive heals and you can heal from any range with a well placed buoy. He can do more damage, but I do believe that, although it’s a cool concept, the Respawn Beacon is merely a distraction.

Also, EMET is a Robot so… check mate Rogue Val.


Finally someone who agrees with me ha!

I think these people who like Emet just play against low-mid level monster players which is fine but when you need constant healing i’d rather have RV over Emet because if your playing Goliath or MG the flame breath wrecks the bouys and means your always dumping down healing bouys rather than doing anything meaningful to stop the monsters attacks

Like you say RV already has a easier to use passive healing field without having to constantly having to throw out bouys and the multiple beam med gun is very effective especially with Sunny,also Rv’s self heal is awesome game changer in some instances,what’s Emet got in comparison nothing!

The respawn beacon is highly gimmicky and i don’t like how it works or should i say how you activate it because the device is a good one but the mechanics of it are pro monster


Emet would be better than RV if you didnt have to sit so close to the buoys to heal. A 15-16m range is way too short.


yeah true the range is bad on them


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