Emeth + Buket heal


So all we know when Buket use recharge Emet can heal 3-4 time (full hp for all party) if you cleak heal fast, and even can stand up if he striken… so this is how this supouse to work ? or this is bug?
End why other medic can heal just 1 time after recharge?


So we all know that when Bucket uses Mechanical Recharge, Emet can use his Healing Burst 3-4 times (which equals to full HP for all hunters) if you press 4 fast enough and he can even revive himself when incapped… so is this how it’s supposed to work? Or is this a bug?
And why can other medics heal just once when affected by Mechanical Recharge?

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Yea… thx, i not good at English.


Apparently it’s intended. I brought this thing up since a month ago. You just have to burst through it again after Bucket uses mechanized recharge. Hopefully, you can down bucket before he can use mecha again.
If bucket takes double reload, you have about 30 seconds to down someone after they do this 2x shield burst and 6x heal burst. It means bucket has no defensive perks such as jetpack recharge, thurst, DR and no offensive perks, poisonous rounds and acidic rounds to apply and refresh DoT on turrets
Emet will take double cdr perks to reduce cooldown hb from 6s to 4s in order to make it work. Pretty much you have to force them to use it, and when mecha is on cooldown, you must down bucket.


This is false statement therefore not valid question.
Other medic can spam heal too with recharge.


Oh, just imagine how much worse it gets when I use my Slim macro with Emet


Mechanize Recharge when activated has a duration 1sec - 1.5sec I don’t know the exact time, during that duration all class ability recharges fast.
It depends on medic class ability CD speed, since EMET has the fastest CD, the mechanize recharge speeds up that cooldown like 4x - 5x speed(not sure about the exact number) enabling him to heal 4x - 5x(7x before CD increase nerf).
Second medic with fast Ability CD is Laz and Val? which enables them to heal twice during mechanize recharge duration. Other medics only heal once I think because of their very high ability CD speed.


Slim also takes advantage of Mech Recharge. Gives him like 3 or more while he is shooting the monster.


Oh yea I forgot slim lol