Emet vs gorgon bug (Replay Cannon rounds fire at Gorgon after being pinned on a dead Mimic)


I don’t know if it is intentional but when you pin the gorgon’s mimic, the replay cannon hits the mimic, but as soon as it dies, the cannon shoots the volley towards the gorgon without pinning it.


That’s no maybe, that most definitely is a bug.


I edited the title to more accurately represent what the bug is.


Well since the mimic is technically Gorgon when that entity disappears and becomes the normal Gorgon then I guess it’s working as intended?

I would say it’s a bug but I understand what may be going wrong.


It would certainly make things more interesting if this were intended? Perhaps this also applies to the Wraith and its decoy?


Nope, it doesn’t but the tracer does reveal a cloaked Wraith if you shoot her.


Pinned before decoy or during decoy?


During, before would defeat the purpose of the cloak


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