Emet Tips And Tricks!


If you been looking for some Tips And Tricks to win the day with Emet, well you came to the right place. Tips And Tricks for Emet’s Healing Buoys.

Place your Healing Buoys in hard to get to areas. Do this like on a cliff when your in battle. Try to have them set up where you and your team expect to be in combat. When one Buoy goes down, immediately place more down. It has a 3 sec deploy time. So, what I try to do is make them in a triangle for maximum coverage. When you use the Healing Burst, get close to them to heal yourself, and make sure you keep your Teammates healed to full health. When it is time to defend an objective, place your Buoys down. Like in Defend, Hunt, or Rescue. When the Monster disengages, throw Buoys in front of your Team’s path to keep your Team healed while chasing down the Monster. When a Teammate is be focused by the Monster, throw Buoys on a cliff next to your Teammate so the monster can’t just destroy it in plain sight. Make sure to check if there’s any nearby cliffs to place your Buoys on. Also, a little sneaky tactic. Place your Healing Buoys by a downed Teammate. Shoot the Monster to get it’s attention, and run off. Throw a Buoy right before you run off. While the Buoy is healing your Teammate. And when your down, try to throw a Buoy down or run to one that’s already down. They can revive you, so when your almost up, Heal Burst yourself.
Tips And Tricks for Emet’s Respawn Beacon. When a Teammate dies, place the Respawn Beacon. Place it far away, but not too far that it’s pointless in Hunt when the Monster’s at stage 3 and they won’t have time to catch up. But for example, if your whole Team goes down when the Monster is stage 1 or 2, drop some Buoys down, and take off. Place the Beacon far away from the Monster. Like when you see there’s only 1 or 2 Teammates down, consider retreating to place the Beacon down. Hide your Beacon in Bushes or on a high cliff. Even though you might not get a respawn in other game modes, it’s still worth a try. Remember, if your whole team goes down, that beacon is your failsafe. When you place the Respawn Beacon, place some Buoys around the area. If the Monster tries to attack, you’ll be ready.
The Replay Canon is your primary damage dealer. Tag the Monster and switch to your Buoys. Rinse, Lather, Repeat. You get the idea. When you miss your target, shoot it again until you tag your target. But, when you shoot a tracking round after you already taged something, your ammo will decrease as you shoot a new tracking round. Did you know: If you look at Emet’s thumb, you can see a tiny screen that lets you keep track of his missiles? They will count down after you fire your tracking round. When you want to shoot the Monster and run away, just shoot and take flight. But you must have sight if the Monster so don’t go behind or under objects. As Missiles do not path around objects. Did you know, you can use the Replay Canon to keep tabs on the Monster, for a very short time. Tag the Monster when it tries to flee. If it goes behind an object, the Missiles will hit the object, but they won’t path around, as I said.

Tips And Tricks for Emet’s Heal Burst. Spread your Buoys out so that when you use your Heal Burst, It covers a large radius. Get close to one of your Buoys before you use the Heal Burst, as their’s are stronger than yours. When you think it’s time to retreat or fallback, throw some Buoys down before you go, and Heal Burst your Team with your Buoys. When one of your Teammates are down, Throw Buoy and Heal Burst them. Did you know: You can throw a Healing Buoy and activate your Heal Burst before it deploys? Yeah, so if your trying to heal someone but they won’t wait up, throw the Buoy and then Heal Burst.

So that’s it. Let me know what you think. Like, Share, and Comment.
That’s All And Happy Hunting :grinning:


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