Emet Tiki Totem Skin Idea! :D


Ok guys, you all know that I love Emet and Bucket and every time there’s a new skin for one of them I go bananas, but, Bucket has received more awesome skins than Emet since he’s older. So, I came up with a skin idea for our lovely Emet!

Wouldn’t be awesome if he had a TIKI skin for his healing totems? Each one of them would have a unique painting, for example:

Arghhhhhhhh! I want this!! :heart: :emet:


It’s official baby!!! :emetoh:


I moved this to suggestions for the future!! :heart:


I think I’d get this in a heartbeat. Very cool skin idea. I need to play emet more (evolve in general really), he’s just fun to play as. :smile:


But… bu… but I wanted a glitter skin… :emet: :sob:

Unless you mean you just moved the thread. If there is an official skin ideas list that TRS has, glitter skins better be on that very list.

As for the Totem skin, I think you are off on your name there sir. A totem from google images shows multiple stacked heads, whereas what you listed looks more along the lines of Tiki heads. I’d rather have Tiki Heads and not Totems since it would be a lot of graphics squashed down to resemble the totem.


Suggestions are for suggestions! :slight_smile:

Once things get moving with TU09 we should be able to pay more attention to them. :heart:


I’ll be waiting…



I’d rather have this:

than this:

IN case you were wondering what I was talking about.

Tiki > Totem (but I’m on the same boat as you :wink: )


It depends, some have three heads, others are separated, like Emet’s healing totems :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, what I want is tiki heads for Emet’s totems! :bucket_salute:


This thread makes me want to kill people…


I know right! :stuck_out_tongue:




literally give me any not-edgy skin for emet and i’ll be buying it, tbh. i’d like to get something like this or any bright colors. this is super cute… extra credit if bucket gets a matching skin. :bucket:


Oh yes! Give the robots some awesome skins :smile:


amen, turret bot


Agreed. Send more robot(skins)!

I love the Tiki idea.


:scream:TU 9 is now out, Tiki Skins here I come!


Yas! We need them! :emet: