Emet Strategy, Tips, and Advice Thread


As you all know, we have our new awesome robot medic, Emet!! So I came to the conclusion that we need a thread offering tips on how to be proficient with him! :medic:

So please feel free to share your strategies, tricks, advises, anything that you think would help an Emet player be great in the battlefield!

Here’s the list I made, most of them are basic though, but I bet some of you will share some pro tactics for him!

  1. Just like Bucket with his awesome sentry guns, spread those healing totems!! Don’t make it too easy for the monster to destroy them!

  2. Stay in high places! I think Emet is the kind of hunter who sits back and analyzes the combat and thus, you will be able to see all your healing totems and know when to use that healing burst! Also, from up there, you can already think of good places to hide your beacon!

  3. Since I told you that staying in high places is a good strategy, you should have Jetpack Reload perk so you can move quickly to other high points and at the same time, deploy those healing totems correctly!

  4. When you’re super sure that one of your teammates will definitely die, then start moving away from the monster, deploy the beacon in a good place (behind something) and move away from it.

Or deploy it after someone dies and not when someone dies. In other words, you don’t have to deploy it immediately when someone dies, you can wait until the monster retreats and then deploy it! <— Good tip from @Quirknaktor!!

  1. You don’t have to wait until the totem sets up to activate their healing burst! The moment you throw them out, they’re already able to use healing burst, even in the air!!

This helps a lot because when a hunter (especially trapper) is on the run with low health, trying to find the monster, but the hunter isn’t close enough to receive any healing from your healing burst, you can just throw a healing totem and quickly activate the healing burst! :medic:

  1. Damage resistant, Jetpack Reload and Quick Switch are all great perks for him in my opinion. You can use damage resistant to turn yourself into a tank and this will work when you know how to manage your jetpack fuel and those healing burst!

Use Quick Switch when you want to keep everybody healed and at the same time, DESTROY THE FUCKING MONSTER!!! Oops! Sorry :sweat_smile:

  1. Remember, when you have all your totems deployed, switch to your awesome replay cannon and do as much damage as possible!

  2. Keep your teammates alive!! Having the respawn beacon doesn’t make you Lazarus, so do your best to keep your teammates alive!

  3. Your totem’s healing bursts are essential! Start using those instead of your personal one, because they’re stronger!

  4. If you have a way to communicate with your teammates, make sure to tell them where are the healing totems and when you’re going to use your healing burst!

  5. Make sure to kill Mammoth birds, I hate them.

  6. When a teammate is down, don’t go to them!! Throw some healing totems near them and pop those healing burst!

You don’t know how annoying it is for a monster to camp a hunter for a long period because of the totems! And at the same time, you’re safe, watching the monster suffer from afar :blush:

  1. Don’t spam the healing totems!! In the heat of the battle we think that our healing totems get destroyed super quickly and thus, we tend to keep throwing them. Don’t do that! You don’t know if one of the deployed healing totems is saving a teammate’s life and then bang! You destroy them T__T

  2. When you’re the last hunter and you need to buy time, but the monster is following you, deploy those healing totems and start running around them! You don’t know how many times I have managed to survive alone with this, hmm, silly strategy I guess :sweat_smile:

  3. Tip for the other hunters: Don’t camp the healing totems! Stay near them, but not beside them! They have a pretty good range, if you stay super close to them, the monster will end up destroying them!

Well, those are my tips, they may not be the best, but I think they’re helpful (I hope)

Now please share your awesome tips for Emet with us!! :blush:

Emet Tips And Tricks!
Stage 2: Emet Strategy, Tips and Advice

Personally, I find jump height superior to jetpack recharge. A lot of the time, you’re using your jet pack to scale walls, big and small. This little task uses up a lot of your jetpack than you’d think, Jump height covers a lot of the climbing distance, so once you get to the top, you will still have plenty of jet pack fuel.


Small comment here, don’t forget that the Replay Cannon is autofire once you land the tracker.

So the key is-

  1. Land tracker.
  2. Switch to buoys.
  3. Do any medic related things.
  4. Once clip is empty, switch back, repeat.

This is one of my favorite things about Emet, he can multi-task with his damage and his healing, so never be afraid to swap.


like the tips also like to point out that demon Emet is aware of normal Emet but normal Emet is not aware of demon Emet


yes, besides them being dangerous thunder chickens from hell that you, me, and a lot of others hate with their guts, this is actually a legit piece of advise, since they might zap your buoys in the heat of battle!


Having E.M.E.T on the team requires extra coordination with the team as a whole. E.M.E.T can’t directly heal you like other medics, you need to work with him in order to be healed, even if you’re getting focused. As soon as the dome goes up I throw my buoys down in the same general area (but spread them out to cover max area), then tell my team where to run around for heals. This area has something for hunters to juke around, such as a big rock or tree. That way the hunter can avoid damage as much as possible but still be passive healed and catch the heal bursts when activated.

As soon as all your buoys are out, tag the monster with your volley. After he’s tagged, switch back to buoys (your rockets will shoot and home in on the target automatically) and wait for the buoys to die so you can replace them quickly. You’re a medic so don’t forget your focus is always healing.


No, they’re both aware of each other. Emet knows that Demon Emet is there, and vice versa.

The difference between their knowledge is that Emet doesn’t know what Demon Emet says, and it appears that Demon Emet may have some small grasp on what Emet is saying.


Another tip: Should the occasion arise where you have perfectly placed Buoys and the monster isn’t focusing you in particular, try shooting your tracking darts from the Replay Cannon rather than hitting it once and let the rockets fly. The direct hits do slightly more damage ( Tagging @The_Mastermind for the exact difference) and are hitscan, whereas the rockets can still hit terrain.

Of course, ONLY do this if your healing buoys are in good position and you can’t do more healing.


Tip, if you are in the middle of a battle and you totems are constantly destroyed, that’s no excuse to not use the replay cannon. I have found success in firing the dart,then focusing on resupping buoys and then firing another dart when the rockets are done. There is no reason there should not be rockets coming off your back!


If you’re good at using terrain, jump height would be a nice perk. The passive heals from the totems make it hard for monsters to focus emet if he’s constantly going up, down and around some terrain.

I been using dmg resistance mostly, though, because it makes me feel the safeties.


tracking shots are 65damage and are EXPLOSIVES. they do NOT get headshot or weakpoint bonus. the rockets do 49 damage each and are also explosives (in case it wasnt obvious).

sorry for the delay, was busy all day


This Wall of Text this is 100% Robot made O.O

btw i love the Tips ^^


Bonus tip: Throw the buoy when using the jetpack boost. You can double it’s range that way.
[size=11]It’s the same with Abe, Hyde, Caira ect, but not everyone knows this.[/size]


Pretty sure Demon Emet knows exactly what Fluffy Emet says. Like that one line- “I wish I could fly- YOU HAVE A JETPACK YOU RETARDED FUCK” was a direct response.


I’m really liking Quick Switch. I use Quick Switch when I play support, and I almost find EMET like a mini-support. You lay out what you can to defend, and then fire away. I haven’t found monsters to focus on me first, so damage resistance isn’t needed as much as with, say, Laz or Val.


I like reload speed so that you can feet out more healing bursts, throw your buoys faster, and fire more missles.


I have a screenshot of this where it’s spelled ‘jetback’ anyone else?


It is indeed jetback, I believe this is due to Emet being an evac drone, so instead of being outfitted with a jetpack like the other hunters, his back is legitimately a jet.
Jetback.[quote=“NavalMetal29, post:16, topic:79228”]
I like reload speed so that you can feet out more healing bursts
Reload speed does not affect class cooldowns.


Also, I personally run damage resistance perk. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve survived because I’ve taken less damage. And as stated above, your job is to heal. I understand buoy placement is key, but when a teammate is being focused, sacrifice a ‘well placed’ buoy and throw one at him with a healthy burst. Don’t stand there and tell him to “run to a buoy”.


I have not heard that one.