Emet Skins When?


Why are there no EMET skins?
Are there any plans to release any?
I heard there were skins for him before the Stage 2 update, what happened to those?


I am a founder and i purchased most of the DLC before stage 2 and i have the EMET Victory skin. Also, when Evolve went Stage 2, the Valkyrie skin and Victory skin were shown to be purchasable. Do you intend to put them back in the store?


Elite Skin… :stuck_out_tongue:


I was kinda hoping there’d be something other than the elite skin.


Emet Real Steel skin


I think TRS should focus on making skins for the DLC characters since they have very few weapon skins. I’ve had enough of T2 skins :stuck_out_tongue:


EMET Skins Topic + XplosionIncorporated = Glitter Skins…Nope not even a picture…


Hoping for full body or even just more weapon skins for Emet, Kala and Caira. :smiley: