Emet revive beacon "No one is dead!" (Logged)


I was in a hard match playing as EMET, and I got killed off by the monster. I dropped in from the ship, and then the monster killed off the assault and the trapper (2 strikes instant death kind of dead). I went to place the beacon and it said “No one is dead” and prevented me from placing the beacon.

It seems that the game doesn’t know anyone is dead until the dropship has left the map, and those 15 seconds waiting for the dropship to leave so I could plant the beacon contributed to our loss.


Well there is this grace period that the game takes after the drop ship leaves. If someone dies during that time the countdown for the drop ship doesn’t start. This mechanic/principle is taken into the beacon.


Correct, and that’s why I want this listed as a bug since people are clearly dead I should be able to drop the beacon. If I was Laz, for example, nothing (but the corpse falling through the world) would stop me from reviving someone immediately after landing from the dropship.


Because Laz doesn’t use the dropship. :wink:
This isn’t a bug, so should I set it to gameplay and/or medic discussion?


I think suggestions would be better.


If only we could set this to both suggestions and medic. :frowning:


This has been logged before. Not sure whether it is technically a bug or not though. Here’s a quote from LordDeath as to why it happens.

It is quite annoying so I do hope something can be done about it.


Closed since the issue is logged @ZodiacAttack pm me if you would like it reopened.