Emet respawn beacon fixes


I havent been looking on the forums too much lately so i dont know if this has already been talked about, but it could make the respawn beacon more effective.

I was thinking that Emet should be given the ability to place the beacon down wherever he wants before anyone has even died. For example, Emet could place the beacon down as soon as the game starts at spawn, but it would be very vulnerable if the monster walks by. This would be nice, because usually when you place the beacon down after someone dies, the monster is waiting and instantly destroys it. I dont think this would be OP, since the beacon could be placed somewhere far away and the hunters would have to run all the way back as soon as they respawn. It would also add a lot more strategy to the beacon.

And no, this couldnt be used as a way to cheese out a win. If the hunters respawn far away, it would just make it easy to destroy the relay, and Emet would have to walk far away if he wanted to place another one, which means no healing.


I feel what you’re laying down. I think it could work. Would be a pretty neat idea.


So what happens then? He places the beacon somewhere on the map and then when someone dies is when the beacon activates, BOOM big blue light, and starts the countdown?? If that’s the idea,


So basically you’ll encourage EMET players to run far away before a battle starts, or during… To place the beacon as far away as possible. This is most certainly not going to make EMET any more viable than he currently is. If anything, it’ll encourage people even more to dome the monster before it can get to the beacon, which is a rather toxic tactic.

Also imagine the recharge timer starting immediately after you’ve placed the beacon. It could very well be fully recharged by the time the beacon gets activated and/or destroyed; allowing EMET to spam the beacon again on the other side of the map again. I really don’t want this game to turn into an even bigger running simulator.


How is throwing a dome to stop the monster from getting the beacon a toxic tactic? And the beacon doesn’t have to recharge immediately after placement. It could start recharging after use/getting destroyed. Much like his healing buoys. …


How is Lazarus staying out of a dome a toxic tactic? How is running Val/Sunny/Griffin toxic? How was Wasteland Maggie toxic? How is god doming considered toxic?

Because it’s an unfair advantage.


It’s a mechanic of the game that is happening currently whether we change how the current respawn beacon works or not. I’ve fought EMET’s recently the take off across the map when shit hits the fan and place beacons.


Except that in the current setting EMET needs to run off in advance, with 3 easily destroyed beacons standing between the monster and victory. It’s a trade off that the medic player needs to consider; take that trade off away and you’ll find the game becoming unplayable. This change is far too hunter favored; especially since EMET can just stay in the dome and still use that respawn beacon safely.

Instead I’d rather see a reduction in the activation time of the beacon, instead of something that’s blatantly broken.


I agree. I’m just curious how they can implement this change with the upcoming dropship timer changes…


Yeah while it sounds simple, it pretty much secures a respawn on the first dome. With nothing a monster could do about it. While yes they would had a long time to return to fight. It would practically force you into a situation similar to what Lazarus does. Especially with lowered strike penalties.


Faster activation time should suffice. And if they don’t add that, it’ll still be an advantage during stage three fights when the hunter team has multiple strikes.


Honestly the only thing the beacon needs is a visual change. The beam of light should not be able to show through cave ceilings and other stuff. This makes it way to easy for monster to see. They can just look in sky and get to beacon in secs.

If they changed this it would be more viable has you can try to hide the beacon in places that will block the beam of light making it harder for monster to find.


This is a good idea! Would you be able to change the location after being placed?


I feel like they should either change the activation time or make the beam of light less noticeable.

But I also like the OP’s idea, but sadly, like some of you have mentioned, it can be unfair in certain situations.


I dont like this idea.

So monster kills team at Stage 1 and they all still respawn and get a second chance every game?

So are we gonna add something that lets the monster come back from a stage 1 death too?

If a monster can kill the team as a Stage 1, he deserves to win.

For your idea this is what i suggest to make it more fair:

-Super early placed beacons can only be placed in designated locations, such as only at the drop zone flares.

This way the monster at least has the option to go destroy it before killing the team, and can still get a stage 1 win.

This beacon would need a several minute cool down though. But this would encourage early fights at the drop zone.

My idea on the beacon is EMET can place it at any time, but the timer still starts when placed, even with no one dead.

This should allow for a Kamikaze EMET or team tactics. Perhaps best left for EMET’s variation?

Imagine EMET right in the monsters face doing some kind of precise damage, then dieing and respawning within less then 5 seconds!

Kamikaze EMET needs to happen. The only thing I would consider as well here is if EMET could drop the respawn beacon and then set the timer himself. Lets you choose 30, 45, or 60 seconds? Then everyone rushes in and does as much damage as possible before dieing and coming right back 3 days later, I mean seconds. The jesus comp.


I just feel like all the beacon needs is a rework on how the actually light is seen.

The beacon never works in game, only times it worked for me was against people who just bought the game and didn’t know what it does. I just think that emet having something on his kit that is useless 90% of the time isn’t, cool.

Some things they can do is dilute the light if it goes through an object, so if beacon is in cave and is shining through the ceiling the beacon light will be diluted, a little harder to see, but still there.

Another thing is give the beacon five secs before it alerts the monster. Right now as soon has you place it in the ground it alerts the monster. The monster then immediately sniffs and sees the area where emet is coming from and goes there and destroys it.

Now say if if you put it in the ground then for 5 secs it won’t alert the monster giving wmet time to run back quick then when it hits the 25 secs then it alerts the monster. And monster will have a little harder Time to find it because meet is with the rest of the hunters, and not running from the area where he planted beacon.

I feel like the op idea can be op you can place beacon outside of domes and as long has you keep trapper alive, it becomes op. Assault can go all out and not care about going down because if he dies he we respawn outside dome, with fresh assault shield and ready to keep pestering monster. A good assault will abuse this. Also supports to they will come down with fully charged kits ready to cloak trapper and emet.

I can just seeing people abusing the ops suggestion.


If you can God dome you deserve it.


Well it does need to be useful and not rage inducing for the team. (I get hate mail, lol)

It would be nice if its use was to let the hunters die and come back fast, making EMET a much larger target.

But it would require my Kamikaze EMET variant.

Another idea is what if you could place the respawn beacon when someone gets in-capped and hasn’t died yet?

Then if the timer expires it revives in-capped players?

Let say if you place the beacon down and no one is in-capped or dead it allows one player to stand on it and it heals them of 1 strike? Would have to make the cool down fairly excessive though so it could only really be used on one player in a typical round. Say 5 minute cool down for this function?

Not sure if one item can have two separate functions and cool downs though?

Its just right now if the monster gets some strikes and has time left they can run around getting food and maxing out armor with little consequence, while the hunters must live with their mistakes and wait for the fully powered monster to come back to the relay.

So if EMET could somehow heal strikes slowly it should encourage the monster to come back and press the fight, as if EMET uses the beacon to revive or respawn anyone it burns the strike healing option.


God doming is not hard.

Its standing in specific spot and throwing a dome. Finding the spots doesn’t even take that much effort.