Emet Respawn Beacon: 30s --> x4 faster dropship timer (maybe less than x4))


I don’t know about you, but I still feel like Emets beacon is too situational and provides too little advantage: It can only be used for the first 90 seconds after sombody died, the Monster has plenty of time to destroy it, if it gets destroyed, all it did was a tiny distraction.

What I think might fix all 3 things, is if the beacon wouldn’t just call a respawn after 30 seconds, but instead make the dropship timer go faster.
The dropship timer is 120 seconds, so the beacon may make it count down 4 times faster while it is active.
This means planting it directly after somebody died results in the usual 30 seconds.
In addition to that you can plant it 90 seconds after somebody died and get a respawn after 7.5 seconds instead of 30.
This would put immediate pressure on the Monster to destroy it because for every second the beacon stands, it is 4 seconds less until the Hunters drop.
On the other hand, having the beacon survive until the respawn cancels out the drop animation. So you still save time if you manage to keep it standing.


  • Instead of a respawn in 30 seconds, the beacon lets the dropship timer count down 4 times as fast.
  • If the timer hits 0 while the beacon still stands, the drop animation will still be skipped and all Hunters spawn at the beacon.
  • The Monster has immediate pressure to destroy it as fast as possible
  • You can plant the beacon at any time during the dropship timer, not just the first 90 seconds
  • If it gets destroyed prematurely, the Hunters still gained something: A slightly shorter dropship time

Final note: If the default dropship timer was to be decreased for instance to 90 seconds, the multiplier of course should only be x3.

Important Edit:

Everyone, don’t get too stuck on the x4. That is more like the maximum. Choose any value you like between 1 and 4 and reevalute the suggestion with that.

Let's start this one off with a tease, shall we? - The Shared Dome

I think this is a fantastic suggestion all around.


What would you want it to do in Arena and Defend? A 7 second respawn in Defend would be absurd and there is no timer in Arena.

Not criticizing, just curious.


Maybe, but x4 faster would be crazy. If monster leaves due to destroyed armor, its not really worth coming back.


Well it’s basically useless in arena anyway, and defend is a joke from a balancing standpoint. Besides, it’s more for playing around, and the monster really shouldn’t be trying to kill off the hunters regardless.


I don’t think so. x4 sounds reasonable to me, because at most it fulfills its original purpose, which is to shorten the dropship timer to thirty seconds. So it’s not like it’s making it unfair. Also, it actually gives the Emet player an incentive to use the damn thing for something other than a distraction. Right now it feels like it’s just wasting a slot in his kit. And it’s not as if it’s changing how it works now by a whole lot, because as it is now, the monster still has to destroy it or have the hunters back in thirty seconds. This change would just make it actually useful, not unfair.


Agreed on the point. I simply thinking in terms that it takes 20 secs to get to the Beacon. That is like 80 secs off timer and now you are next to the hunters and havent spent that time eating. Other option is to eat and run other side of the map (as the hunters stay on the beacon). That gives you the same amount of seconds between you and the hunters as you would make the dropship longer by destroying the beacon. On top of that you might get domed, hurt and definitely you wont be eating much

It just feels pointless, but I might be wrong. Double speed might work. It is seconds off the dropship timer 100% of the times anyways, every single time. Even if the monster comes to destroy it after 15-20 secs. Take 30-40 secs of the timer, which is significant. If the monster doesnt, its 1 min and good to go. You cant even destroy the relay as it takes time to get there and somebody might shoot you off time or two.


Well I think the actual numbers could definitely be up for debate, but I feel it’s a really solid concept that would go a long way in making Emet more viable


The point of it being 30 seconds is that it’s a huge gamble for a huge reward - if you can break away and hide it well enough you get the whole team back and can completely turn around a losing fight. If they were going to give you a continuous benefit it would have to be proportionally less. Think of it like Slim and his healing, his heal burst does a lot of healing but requires setup, whereas his bug starts immediately and keeps going as long as it’s not interrupted but it heals less because of the ease of use. Same with Hank, his laser cutter is easy to sustain but does respectable damage, while his orbital is hard to use but does HUGE damage.


It would be better thats for sure. EMET for me is pretty close to balance, not there yet but close.

I think its important to consider what might actually happen when people co-operate. Make it 4x and with Kala you can barely make it to relay and the hunters spawn (if the other telepad is located middle off the map or close to relay).

Or if the trapper domes you and EMET is outside. Find the trapper, chase it, kill it and BOOM. He is 20-30 secs of coming back due to reduced timer.

Everyone saw how much timer can alter the balance in QS. I would rather approach this by doing it way too little than making it OP. We have had our share of frustration in Evolve when people abuse characters, and they sure do abuse them to the fullest, every time.


Fair enough. As I said, I think the numbers are definitely up for debate, but the concept is solid. As for it being a big risk/ big reward, I think having it be more dependable but less game changing is a far more fair, less toxic mechanic


I really like this idea

Wonder what is @GentlemanSquirl opinion on it?


I’m with you there, I’ve been saying for a long time now that I wished the game was less bursty and less binary (e.g. Hank getting a shield on someone with 1% health and suddenly the monster loses an engagement he was about to win). I think things would be more enjoyable on both sides of it were about consistently outplaying the other team in an engagement rather than getting down one Hunter then mitigating and calling it a win.


It would really frustrate Monster players when they can’t get to the beam to stop the revival process in the 7.5 seconds window though.

There’s a big difference between 7.5 seconds and 30 seconds + time it takes the Hunters to jump down, land and then run to the desired location.
If the Monster chooses to try and destroy the beacon, 7.5 seconds seems a little harsh.


I’m with @Rick on this. I find that his beacon is very situational, but it can be a huge game changer as it is. Its true power shines most when matches approach their end and the monster is hard pressed to preserve as much health as possible.

Abe’s tracking is weak at the start of the match, but grows more effective towards the end; the same goes for EMET. If you want to improve EMET’s effectiveness, you should try to look at team survival instead of the Respawn Beacon. Also, let’s not forget that the Title Update will allow for 4 dodges, instead of the current 3; this has great potential to shake up the current meta up.


I don’t think this is a bad idea at all, though I agree that the lack of synergy in Arena and Defend makes it hard to justify as a change.

I still believe that what needs to change with the beacon doesn’t need to be too complicated. Making the beam less visible (so that good placement is rewarded) or giving a portion of the countdown time a means of being harder for the monster to destroy (either by being invulnerable at the end of the count down, or perhaps the beam being invisible at the start of the countdown making it harder for the monster to deal with it immediately) would go a long way to helping this bit of equipment become interesting.


To make it harder to find, what if instead of having a beam of light shoot into the sky, the beacon created a bright blue aura around itself?


Id have to see it in action, but im digging the concept. Sounds like a pretty gosh darn powerful buff though- Maybe making it like a 3x instead of a 4x might be more appropriate? I mean, even if it took you 10 seconds to get to the thing youre talking 40 seconds off the dropship timer even IF you destroy it, thats pretty hefty. But still- Dig it. Something like this would mean its always SOMEWHAT useful, instead of all/nothing, and its only TOP power if you COMPLETELY ignore it.

On the flip side- I also like the train of thought @niaccurshi was on. Imagine if it sat quietly for the first 5-10 seconds, then had a pulsing light at the top being to glow, then in the last 10 seconds or so is when the beam poofed into the sky.

One of my biggest complaints about the beacon, is if emet DOES get away, theres a lot of places where putting the beacon down basically gives the monster an exact heading on where emet went, and can often lead the monster RIGHT to emet. Now you a) lost your beacon, and b), have a monster eating your face. Hoorraaaohwaitnobad.


I agree on the SOMEWHAT useful, rather than ALL/NOTHING. Its like Laz: he is good, hurrah. He sucks, ragequit.

Now EMET beacon is must kill in most cases, which I really dislike. No ability should dictate the decision making. On top of that people will be frustrated either way in these either or - situations.

Put beacon down, monster finds it, destroys it. Monsters gets something, EMET burns 30-40sec of droptimer, hurrah. But in my mind it should not be even 3x, because then it makes it “MUST” kill scenario. I hate these kind if scenarios in games. With double speed monster could ignore it, and hunters get 1 min timer (+avoid the dropship time lost as they spawn to the beacon). Even that would be huge bumb for EMET.

PS. remember that more effective the beacon is, less can EMET have healing/dmg that he wont be OP. Newer players seems to struggle even with current EMET´s healing capabilities. Thus, I would make beacon somewhat useful. If needed, adjust the healing part.


I’ve said in the past I’d rather they focused on making the beacon useful more often rather than increase the healing output, so it’s with some disappointment that the balance decisions seem to be going more in the route of ignoring the beacon and improving healing. I understand how this could be the better/easier route to balance but I’d love to see the beacon getting a more regular use in the strategy of EMET’s play.