Emet "Pew Pew!"


I found a neat little thing while farming Emet’s mastery, I’m not sure if someone has pointed it out before or not.

On Emet’s right hand, his finger-pistol has writing on it:

Closer up,

View from Respawn Beacon

Just a little thing that adds more character to everyone’s favorite crazy medical robot.


I had no idea that was there and probably wouldn’t have noticed it myself.

You can definitely tell Jack fixed him up. :smile:


I think Jack is a mastermind and secretly has an army of robots somewhere ffs


I noticed this right after noticing the little lights tell you your rounds left, so cool!


@GrizzleMarine can confirm this!


Lmao. Confirm what? I can see it


I was a little off, but had mentioned this earlier :grin:.


Just saying that cause I found that out by his recent video


I’ve noticed before also. I thought it said pow pow at first. Jack and his toys!



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