Emet Perks?


What have people been using with him so far ? Been using health regen and jet pack boost not sure what he likes.


I’ve been using jet pack recharge for sustainability. If you get focused hard it’s over.
His heals are nice but self healing is tough when under attack


In my mind, Damage Resistance or Jetpack Recharge are probably your best bets for classic Hunt. He seems like his self-sustain without his team to back him up is pretty poor.


Yes damage resistance as well.


Lmao. Look at my post above yours. It seems we are on to something


I actually really like quick switch since I go between the healing and damaging so often.


I feel his self sustain is about what OG Val was so I’ve been doing Jetpack recharge.


I take damage resistance . Its so good on him.


I though reload because of how often he has to throw totems, but quick switch is fine for the same reasons.
I haven’t got a chance to see how good his self sustain is so DR or JP would be good if his self sustain isn’t.


Literally never use damage resistance 10% doesn’t seem enough is it actually good ? Who else would use it ? Been playing since release to never used it once.


Damage resistance allows you to play more aggressively in the early game when the monster’s damage is not as scary, and most of the games are decided fairly early. Also, shields still benefit from damage resistance on the shielded target, so if you have a Hank or Sunny on your team you are making their shield energy last longer while also increasing your normal survivability.


What the capacity perk does on EMET?


I like DR, Jetpack and MS.


Probs just had add a couple more rockets


In other words useless. Thanks for info.


The lord has spoken. All shall use the Quick Switch perk with EMET.


No one expects a quick switch Hank man.


Sadly enough, the quick switch explot doesn’t seem to work on him as far as I can tell, so my favorite is damage resistance and the standard movement speed increase.


I do the same i think it works well as for being forcused hma good support is always the counter:)


Does reload affect the start up time for the healing totems? If not I’ll probably stick with jetpack.